All The Sandoval & Schwartz Drinks At TomTom, Plus The Recipe To Recreate One At Home

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Many great television shows ask audiences to suspend their disbelief: Breaking Bad wanted audiences to believe a humble chemistry teacher could get away with being a drug lord for five season, Ozark asks viewers to believe Jason Bateman and Laura Linney could be vicious money launderers for a cartel, and Vanderpump Rules implores hardcore fans to to forgive the time lapse between filming and real-time airdates. This last point is extremely evident in the latest episode, in which Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz fear they'll be erased from their namesake restaurant and bar, TomTom, which opened last summer without a hitch. But they haven't, and more than a few TomTom cocktails were created by Sandoval and Schwartz (more on that in a minute), but not without some bankable drama for Vanderpump Rules cameras first, of course.
Up until this point, the Toms have patiently waited for the green light to curate their cocktail list and wow boss and partner Lisa Vanderpump with their ingenuity. Unfortunately, their egos took a beating after Vanderpump shot down Sandoval's beloved shot-freezing machine, which she called a "monstrosity."
"I've been sort of confused as to what my role is. I showed Ken and Lisa this shot-freezing machine, and they loved it. So, I don't understand why Lisa doesn't think this fits with the decor. There's nowhere else in West Hollywood that's doing anything like this," Sandoval told the camera. (For what it's worth, there is flashback footage of Vanderpump loving the guys' frozen shots.)
Between Vanderpump's disapproval of the shot machine and her decision to have her daughter, Pandora, consult on the cocktail menu, both Sandoval and Schwartz started to question whether they're actually part of the process or if their influence begins and ends with their names on the menu. Would the skilled bartenders get to create any of the cocktails featured at TomTom? Well, luckily, they did make their mark.
Flash-forward to present day, and Sandoval's rep confirmed to Refinery29 that the guys likely feel a lot better about their involvement, especially since they had a hand in crafting many of the artisanal drinks, including some they crafted for the Daily Mail party. You might recall the Matcha Bucha which features gin, matcha tea, and kombucha, or the Toulouse Your Mind, which features absinthe, pineapple, and habanero crystals — both Sandoval originals.
Additionally, they created the Doc Holiday, the recipe for which Sandoval kindly shared with Refinery 29.
2 slices of red pepper
4 mint leaves
Muddle into .5 oz of simple syrup or agave nectar
1.25 oz of lime juice
2 oz of reposado tequila
.75 oz of guava juice
Shake and strain into martini or Coupe glass and garnish with mint leaves
Delicious-sounding, right? Just wait until you hear how Sandoval describes it.
"The inspiration for this drink is encompassing savory and sweet in a duel, where the red pepper battles the mint for dominance but, at the end, guava and lime bring them together so they get married and ride off with tequila into the sunset," Sandoval told Refinery29.
If you look at the menu, you'll also notice Sandoval, Schwartz, and the Vanderpumps also made some other cheeky (and NSFW) references to Vanderpump Rules, most notably with the Kentucky Muffin cocktail. According to Lisa and Pandora's website, the drink, which uses bourbon, champagne, and bee pollen, got its name from the PUMP matriarch's infamous line, "chowing down on Kentucky muffin." (Fans may remember Vanderpump saying this after Jax Taylor claimed Kristen Doute and Brittany Cartwright hooked up in season 5.)
The food menu also makes reference to another Sandoval/Schwartz favorite: Taco Bell. The guys told Bustle that they managed to reinvent one of their go-to fast food items for a more upscale setting. "I wanted to do a gourmet Crunchwrap Supreme, and it happened, and it's amazing," Sandoval said. You can get your fix by ordering the Crunchy Chicken Wrap.
Then of course, there's this portrait of the Toms, which hangs at TomTom and which Chrissy Teigen recently posed in front of:
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Fun drinks and savory food items and Instagram bait? We'll raise a perfectly garnished glass to that!

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