Caelynn's Biological Dad Doesn't Need To Be At Her Bachelor Hometown Date

Photo: Courtesy of ABC/Josh Vertucci.
It's time to meet the families of the four contestants remaining on The Bachelor, so Colton is going to be heading to Caelynn's hometown to meet her parents. But she's not introducing him to her biological dad. Instead, Colton is meeting Caelynn's step-dad on The Bachelor — but he's the real thing for her.
When Colton gave Caelynn the rose to secure her hometown date, Colton made it clear that he knew who he'd be meeting in Virginia. "I want to make sure your step-dad and your mom can look at me and see the way that I make you feel, and, vice versa, see the way you make me feel," he told Caelynn. But, in a promo for the hometowns episode, Colton did ask if he'd be meeting her dad. Caelynn didn't elaborate much about why, but she did explain to Colton, "My biological father is not a part of my life, like, at all." She added, "My step-dad, he's the one who's raised me. He's the one who's like my dad and just been there through all of that. So he's my dad."
Another promo shows Colton meeting John, Caelynn's step-father, who greets Colton warmly. With a big smile on his face, John tells Colton, "Nice to meet you too." And Caelynn seems ecstatic about the whole meeting, saying, "Colton's meeting my family today and that's really exciting."
It's clear that her mom and her step-dad are the important parental figures in Caelynn's life and therefore are the people she's chosen to have Colton meet (along with what seems like a handful of other relatives, according to the preview.) Her biological father will not be there, though, and that's Caelynn's choice. If she decides to elaborate to Colton about why her father isn't in her life, that's up to her, of course. But if she just wants her hometown moment to be about the people that are in her life, that's understandable.
Caelynn's step-dad may not be her "real" dad, but he's been a real father to her — and that's what matters in the end. Caelynn chose for Colton to meet her step-dad, and that's an important step in their relationship. And, ultimately, it's a chance for Colton to get to know the man who helped raise Caelynn to be the woman she is today. And it's a chance for fans to get to know her better too. So, when you watch on Monday, embrace the moment Caelynn created for Colton with her mom and step-dad, and leave any speculation about her biological dad behind. That's just not what this hometown date is about.

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