Dating Around Didn't Create Lasting Couples, But The Cast Is Getting Seriously Connected

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With its half hour episodes, queer cast members, and absolute lack of evening gowns, Netflix’s Dating Around has been called the anti-Bachelor. But the show is beginning to resemble TV’s most notorious dating series in one key way: now, not many Dating Around couples are together, but everyone who appeared on the show is becoming friends online. Only time will tell if becoming influencers and dating people outside of their episodes is in their destiny, but for now, it seems like these newly visible New Yorkers are soaking up the attention.
If you were hoping to learn who’s still together, who’s still friends, who follows each other and who’s gone into hiding (looking at you, Justin!) you came to the right place. Let’s do this!
Episode 1: Luke
Luke and Victoria didn’t stay together. Luke confirmed on the podcast Reality Life With Kate Casey that he is “single and ready to mingle,” and also that he has gotten “thousands of DMs.” Victoria is now in a relationship with someone else. However, the two do follow each other on Instagram and occasionally toss each other a like. Aw, that’s nice.
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Betty seems to be happily in a relationship, and still on friendly terms with Luke.
Kate confirmed on Instagram stories that she’s single and has moved to LA. Tiffany’s Instagram account is private, but her follower count has grown significantly in the past few days, so you could give a follow request a whirl — she accepted mine! She announced on her stories that she is “still single and learning how to eat.” A self-aware legend! All three of them are mutuals with Luke on Instagram.
Ashley doesn’t seem to have public social media.
Episode 2: Gurki
Gurki continues to choose herself, and remains friendly with all the guys from her episode except Justin. She’s gotten huge love from others on the show in the form of encouraging comments and heart emojis from Salim, Jay, Manny, Bam, and even Luke.
Justin is keeping his Instagram account private and took his last name out of his account. Unlike Tiffany, he denied my follow request within an hour. Sad! Luckily his real estate bio is still around, and it richly proclaims that he “enjoys traveling the globe and exploring new cultures.” Unfortunately, basic empathy was not on his list of skills and hobbies.
Bam, Manny, and Jay are all very into fitness and were recently spotted making plans to lift together in the comments of one of Gurki’s Instagram posts. Are Gurki and Salim invited?
Manny was a fan favorite from Gurki’s episode, and he took a minute on Twitter to explain why things didn’t work between the two romantically, saying, “We didn’t want the same things but we are still friends.” Sounds mature!
Manny is dating a fellow fitness enthusiast now, according to his Insta. He posts cute videos of himself dancing with his daughter, dancing between weight-lifting sets, and dancing in a shirt that says “Real Men Eat Ass.” Thank you, Manny.
Episode 3: Lex
Lex is single, but has stayed friends with both Jonathan and Peter, as evidenced by this cute photo he posted of the three of them. Lex follows everyone from his episode on Instagram, but Cory, the guy he picked, doesn’t follow him.
On a recent photo of Lex, Manny, from the previous episode, commented “You sexy minx,” and Lex responded, “don’t you tease me, hot-sauce…” A flirtation for the ages.
Peter continues to slay as Queera Wang and is single. Jonathan is also single and making friends with everyone from the show online.
Brad changed his bio “every homosexual’s wet dream,” which is a descriptor Lex used on their date — Brad wasn’t picked for a second date, but that quote is a pretty good consolation prize. He’s now in a relationship.
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Both Cory and Mic seem to be single.
Episode 4: Leonard
Is it possible to hire a private investigator to find a private investigator? It seems the over-50 crowd from episode four is less eager to join the conversation on social media, aside from fashion queen, Lauren, who recently posted a photo of Karl Lagerfeld spritzing her with perfume. She seems like she has stories to tell.
The closest thing to an update on Leonard and Dianna available came from the Dating Around Twitter account, which confirmed that the two “may still be together.” More details please!
Internet sleuthing for Eileen, Karen, and Gloria turned up nothing.
Episode 5: Sarah
Sarah recently started to be more active on Instagram. She appears to be single, but possibly beginning an online flirtation with Adrian. Sarah posted a video of her “nine minute joke about greek mythology” — the one Nick rudely passed up an opportunity to hear on their date — and Adrian commented saying he wished she’d told it on their date. The exchange ended with the two saying they would exchange numbers via DM. Whew! Adrian still has beautiful hair, and seems to enjoy working out with his mom. He is single (for now).
The video of the mythology joke also garnered supportive comments from Luke and Gurki. Separately, the Dating Around Twitter account confirmed that Gurki and Sarah will be getting together for an interview about their respective bad date experiences on the show. Can’t wait!
Nick also seems to be single, although he has a lot of thirsty comments on his most recent IG post right now, including one from Lex! Iconic crossover. Notably, Nick is the only cast member who follows Justin, from Gurki’s episode, on Instagram. What does it mean?!
Antonio, who curtly ended his date with Sarah, has been thirstily responding to anyone who tweets about him and engaging with tweets that make fun of Sarah, even posting a screenshot of one on Instagram. He liked comments on the post calling her “condescending.” He seems fragile — maybe Sarah dodged a bullet there?
Sarah’s pick from her episode, Matt, as well as the date she ditched abruptly, John, are nowhere to be found online.
Episode 6: Mila
Mila and Charlotte didn’t end up staying together. Mila seems to be happily dating someone else, as does Charlotte! But while Charlotte recently posted some behind the scenes footage of the two of them filming, Mila reposted someone else’s Instagram stories that said Charlotte seemed like she had mommy issues. Charlotte follows Mila, but Mila does not follow Charlotte. AND, Mila didn’t like Charlotte’s video, despite being tagged in the caption. What happened there?
According to Charlotte, she’s not sure. When asked on IG stories, she wrote, “We texted for a bit after the show, then we sort of fell off. I was busy with work and then got serious with my now-gf! She hasn’t responded to me on Instagram or via text, so I’m respecting where she’s at and wish her the best. Had such a blast flirting with her on our dates!”
Charlotte also revealed on her story that she and Ashley have been friends since before the show, supporting Ashley’s thesis that the lesbian social scene in New York is very small. And if that comment made you feel like Ashley is the type of person to bring people together, you’d be right. She follows everyone from the show and has been dropping all sorts of supportive comments. All hail Ashley, queen of Dating Around nation.
Jarry is single, and used the release of the show to come out as bi. Congrats, Jarry! Here’s hoping her dating opportunities double.
Christina captioned a recent Instagram post, “it’s hard being this hot and single. Too many tempting offers.” Seems like a good problem to have!
Nina doesn’t appear to be on social media.
And that’s all for now! Is it time for season 2 yet?

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