For Priyanka Chopra Jonas & Rebel Wilson, Isn't It Romantic Marks The Start Of A Beautiful Friendship

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic.
Sometimes you know your castmates before you start shooting a new movie, and sometimes you become friends along the way. However it happens, usually if you spend a few months together with someone, on-set shooting and off-stage hanging out in the trailers, you become friends. It’s just happens naturally! And with that being said, we’re pleased to report that Rebel Wilson and Priyanka Chopra Jonas are in fact friends, thanks to their latest movie, Isn’t It Romantic.
"I do wish we could have hung out a bit more. But you never know, we’ve got the rest of their lives," Wilson tells Refinery29 at the junket for Isn't It Romantic. Immediately, Chopra Jonas jumps in to assure her costar that this is only the beginning, "We will. We met up a bunch of times outside of the movie, and I feel like we’re totally going to see each other. The world’s so small that we're totally going to do that."
And OK, upon first glance, an actress who’s maybe best known for her slapstick comedy and a capella skills and an actress who actually attended the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan don’t exactly seem like two people who’d hang out in their free time. But, strong, independent women love to seek and find other strong, independent women, and that’s exactly what’s happened with Wilson and Chopra Jonas, who bonded while filming Isn't It Romantic's most performative scene: A Karaoke battle between romantic rivals, played by these two budding pals. Though the two star in the movie together, they don’t have too many solo scenes together. Their major scene, which is already on the internet and pretty memorable, involves the two singing karaoke to Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)”.
"Whatever time we did end up spending, especially that Karaoke scene, was so just fun to do it. We were laughing, gossiping," Chopra Jonas said. "People always think that it’s cat fights and that women don't get along on a set and yeah, that didn't happen here."
Wilson — who also produced the movie — explained that she wished she had known Chopra Jonas prior to shooting, because she knew how badly the film wanted to cast her, and Wilson retroactively wishes should could have told the actress to ask for more money in her contract negotiations. "If we were friends then, I could have been like [whispers] 'ask for a lot more, the job's definitely yours. Ask for millions,'" Wilson says with a laugh.
If that isn’t a clear sign of women supporting women, I don’t know what is.

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