OK, What Really Happened With Vanderpump Stars Adam & Scheana After The Show?

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Vanderpump Rules fans know full well that Scheana Marie loves a good relationship. Heck, she even loves a bad relationship! She loves a man that plays music, she loves a man that’s married to a Real Housewives Of Beverly Hills star, she loves a man that can put a television on a wall in under seven minutes (though I wouldn’t trust that that’s a secure television). Now, the Vanderpump Rules star is celebrating her singleness on the show… all while flirting up a storm. But our girl has been a bit of serial monogamist, so did she keep is casual or did Scheana and Adam's Vanderpump Rules fling make it into 2019? What's actually going on with these two out in Marina Del Rey?
Well, first, we should probably deal with the dude that preceded the Adam situation: Adam's friend Robby Hayes of Bachelor in Paradise fame. Scheana spent most of Vanderpump Rules Season 6 in a Rob-induced haze, and she vowed in Season 7 to flirt and stay single and just meet new people. So far, she’s been doing that… sort of. Scheana spent a lot of time at the beginning of the season with human thirst trap Robby. In an interview with Us Weekly, the two maintained that they were only “very good friends,” and on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana mentioned that they weren’t sleeping together though Scheana did kiss Robby, which was confusing for fans, but at the same time, do you, girl. As far as the show is concerned, that "crush" (as Scheana put it on the Bravo show) ended rather quickly. And, it should also be noted that she hasn’t posted a picture with Robby since early summer 2018.
And that brings us to Adam Spott, the SUR barback that Scheana also once called just a friend. In a twist on Vanderpump Rules, Scheana and Adam started sleeping together, but Scheana insisted that they’re just having fun and that it’s nothing serious. It's not typical Scheana, but get it, girl — just so long as both parties are down with the arrangement.
However, things look like they may have escalated beyond friendship after Vanderpump wrapped shooting. (Key word: Look.) Stoking questions about whether or not they're an item, Scheana told Us Weekly in September of 2018 that Adam is her “favorite person” to be with, and that the two are together constantly. According to her Instagram, she also visited his hometown in Pennsylvania with him that same month (and she captioned the pic with a cheeky reference to Bachelor "hometowns," which are generally pretty romantic). She later posted that she was especially “thankful” to have him in her life around Thanksgiving. Oh, and Scheana and Adam spent New Year’s Eve together, too (they really do look cute together in their NYE pic, if I do say so myself).
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Of course, thickening the plot even more is the fact that she told Us Weekly in that same interview that she stays single on Vanderpump Rules for "the entire summer" and that "I go on quite a few dates. I will just say that I have my Bachelorette moment on the show this summer.” Despite the implication of a final relationship at the end (that is how The Bachelorette works after all), it does seem that Scheana is simply being open about the fact that she just wants to date. Scheana fell hard into her relationships over the past few seasons, so it's great that she's able to casually hanging out with people that strike her fancy.
But if you really need an answer, here it the closest thing you're going to get: It seems like she and Robby are over, and she and Adam spend a lot of time together without feeling the need to label it or put a ring on it, despite the finale implications of comparing her dating life to The Bachelorette. Scheana was also seen hanging out with Tom Tom employee Max Boyens in November of 2018 (smack dab between the hometown visit and New Year's with Adam), which could mean she's doing exactly what she said she was doing: dating casually and enjoying her close friendship-plus with Adam.
At this point in her life, Scheana knows what she wants, and as long whomever she is dating is on the same page, it's great that she's loving her single life — as long as portions of it end up on Vanderpump Rules.

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