Chris Harrison Called Hannah B. "Caelynn" & Bachelor Fans Did Not Let It Go

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Chris Harrison really did just make this the most dramatic season ever, because he mixed up two of the contestants' names. Not any two contestants, either. Chris Harrison called Hannah B., "Caelynn," on The Bachelor, and since those two have been feuding ever since the show started it made the moment even wilder. Fans immediately jumped on the moment, joking and making memes about how Harrison messed up.
I mean, he is in his 23rd season of The Bachelor and his 37th season if you count The Bachelorette too. Add in Bachelor in Paradise, Bachelor Pad, and Winter Games and Harrison has been doing this gig for a loooong time. After what's been basically 37 Laurens, 28 Beccas, 15 Kevins, and a whole bunch of Bretts — can you blame the host for saying the wrong name? He probably just DGAF anymore. I mean, last week it looked like Colton woke him up from a nap last week to get advice. Harrison is chilling, y'all.
Of course, not everyone believed it was a coincidence that Harrison just happened to call Hannah the name of her house enemy. And so many a meme was born. Leave it to Harrison to set Twitter ablaze mere moments after the show started — and all with a simple name flub.
There Were Memes About His Laid-Back Attitude
People Compared Harrison To Steve Harvey
Harvey was the original pageant contestant name mixer-upper.
People Joked That Host Knew What He Was Doing
It was a wild coincidence at the very least.
Harrison Certainly Brought The Drama, Unintentionally Or Not
Most dramatic season ever is right.
Hannah's Face In That Moment, Though
Poor Hannah.
Some Memes Acknowledged That It's Hard To Keep All The Names Straight
There are a lot of contestants, OK?
You Could Practically Hear The Producers' Glee
And The Second Hand-Awkwardness Was High
Nothing like an Office meme to illustrate exactly how the audience felt. But, hey, at least Harrison didn't call out the wrong name at the rose ceremony like Bachelor Jesse Palmer. Talk about a facepalm moment.

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