Ellen DeGeneres' First Stand-Up Special In 15 Years Is Definitely Still "Relatable"

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In 2003, Ellen DeGeneres' released Here And Now, her last hour-long HBO stand-up special before she became the host of The Ellen DeGeneres Show, where's she's been dancing and scaring celebrities ever since. However, on December 18, she returns to her roots with her first stand-up special for Netflix, and it's everything we've been missing.
The trailer for the special, released on Tuesday, proves fans of the star's original stand-up won't be disappointed. She's just as charming and tongue-in-cheek as always, just with 15 more years of life to reflect on. Of course, she knows that so much has changed since she last had a microphone in hand, but it's this change that inspired the title.
"A friend of mine was at my house and I told him, 'I'm gonna do stand-up again,'" DeGeneres recounts to the audience in the trailer. "And he said 'Really?...Do you think you're still relatable?'"
DeGeneres joked that just then her butler walked in, but she does know that 15 years has made a world of difference, especially in her career. Another jab comes later when she jokes about not knowing how many seats are on an airplane, because she's never been further back then first class.
DeGeneres also has some sincere moments, like when she reflects on coming out as gay back in 1997, which prompted ABC to cancel her sitcom, Ellen.
"It took three years for me to get back on television," she explains in one clip. "One station manager said, 'No one's going to watch a lesbian during the day.'"
Clearly, she proved everyone wrong. Not only does she continue to host a an Emmy-winning daytime talk show, but she hasn't lost her talent for the stage.
Catch Relatable on Netflix December 18, and watch the trailer below:

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