Megan Fox's New Show Is A Good Reminder That She's Obsessed With Aliens

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images.
Megan Fox has a new passion project, which means, ideally, she'll get to talk about aliens.
The new four episode series, Legends of the Lost, will feature Fox exploring various mysteries from throughout history. The Jennifer's Body actress pitched the show herself. She explained to Entertainment Weekly that she has always been passionate about “anything that involved mythology or antiquities or religious mystery.”
According to EW, the series will include an episode on the Vikings, which Fox hopes will challenge some of the patriarchal beliefs that persist in archaeology. The episode will focus on the accomplishments of women in Viking society. There will also be episodes on Stonehenge, the Trojan War, and giants in the Southwest.
The series won’t go into detail about aliens, but that’s probably not for lack of trying. Last year, while promoting Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, she sat down with MTV News to talk about her supernatural beliefs. “I believe in everything.” Fox admitted. She went on to tell the story of her own encounter with a ghost, which poured her coffee when she was staying at a hotel.
When the host called the beliefs “outlandish,” she responded that Bigfoot and aliens weren’t so outlandish after all. Said Fox, “If they’re a more advanced species, why would we be able to find them if they don’t want to be found?” The actress emphasized that she believes in UFOs “1000 percent.”
Fox hinted that she originally envisioned “a different sort of quest” for her series, but that the producers discouraged it. “Some of the things I’m interested in may be a bit more difficult, and the logistics would be very hard... and maybe some of the locations are dangerous,” the actress told EW. Does this mean her original plan was to talk about aliens and ghosts?
Let Megan Fox go ghost hunting!

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