Will Smith's New Movie May Have The Best Trailer Twist Of All-Time

Siri/Alexa/Hey Google, what's the plot of Will Smith's newest movie?
Answer: Er, Will Smith plays a secret agent. Only there's more. A lot more. Smith's new movie, an animated feature called Spies in Disguise, looks, from the outset, like the average spy movie. Smith voices Lance Sterling, a spy who really fulfills the expectations set forth in the song "Secret Agent Man;" leading a life of danger, taking chances every chance he gets, etc.
The trailer hides a big twist, though, that is the movie's entire premise. Halt here and watch the trailer (below) before you read on — the twist is worth the minute it takes to arrive.
Essentially, the "disguise" for Lance Sterling is a bird. As in, he becomes a bird. This is Birdman, but literal, and very funny. Tom Holland voices a kid scientist who comes up with the whack-a-doo plan to transform spies into birds, and Rashida Jones and DJ Khaled (sure!) round out the supporting cast. This is secret spies as pigeons, a plot you never saw coming.
Unless, of course, you're like me, and you immediately thought this was a lot like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire when Rita Skeeter disguises herself as a literal bug in order to be a reporter.
Spies in Disguise is out in 2019.

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