What Astrology Reveals About Princess Eugenie's Relationship

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Princess Eugenie will wed her S.O. of seven years, Jack Brooksbank, tomorrow, October 12, in what's sure to be a positively royal affair. Our horoscopes never mentioned that we'd be blessed with two royal weddings in a calendar year, but we're not complaining. In fact, this is just another opportunity to delve even deeper into the lives of the UK's upper crust via astrology.
And, with just a cursory glance at this couple's astro info, we can tell that there's plenty to dig into.
For starters, Princess Eugenie was born on March 23, 1990, making her an Aries. Meanwhile, Brooksbank was born on May 3, 1986, putting him squarely under the sign of Taurus. As any avid horoscope reader knows, these two signs are side-by-side on the Wheel of the Zodiac, putting them at a semisextile aspect. Technically, this just means that the signs are 30 degrees apart, but, when viewed through a romantic lens, this aspect may be highly reflective of their relationship.
In general, a semisextile is a relatively minor aspect with a slightly complicated reputation. As the Astrotwins write on their site, it indicates a general sense of unease — people with semisextile signs may have a hard time getting on the same page. Some astrologers believe that this close proximity can suggest flat-out tension and awkwardness.
We might see this come through in how Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank approach their goals and challenges. Aries is a brash, impulsive cardinal sign that likes to charge ahead in all endeavors, while Taurus is a fixed (read: stubborn) sign that would usually prefer to take life at a steady, meticulous pace. Those discernible differences could very easily lead to disagreements between the couple, but they could actually prove beneficial. Maybe Brooksbank tempers Princess Eugenie's bold energy. Maybe Princess Eugenie reminds Brooksbank to break out of his regular old routine from time to time.
That's not the only semisextile between this couple — their moon signs also form this aspect, with Princess Eugenie's moon appearing in Aquarius and Brooksbank's in Pisces. This suggests that they express their emotions pretty differently. Where aloof Aquarians like to assess their feelings from a distance and process them in a near-scientific manner, Pisces usually prefer to keep their emotions right on the surface, so that they're easy to access, process, and, ultimately, share. But, again, this doesn't mean that Brooksbank is hyper emotional while Princess Eugenie is a closed book — more likely, they balance out each other's feelings and give each other the time they need express themselves.
So, as far as astrological aspects go, a semisextile between a couple's sun signs isn't terrible — it isn't the most harmonious angle, but any couple that's been together as long as Princess Eugenie and Brooksbank have probably know how to navigate its challenges. If you have a sense of humor (and, you know, love your partner) a semisextile is hardly the end of the world.

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