Grey's Anatomy Season 15, Episode 3 Recap: "Gut Feeling"

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Grey's Anatomy's "season of love" may have begun on a high note, but things quickly took a turn down drama lane in episode 3, "Gut Feeling." This, due in large part to everyone listening or in some cases not listening to their gut.
Let's take Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson). She didn't know whether or not her gut had led her astray. This became abundantly clear as Alex Karev (Justin Chambers) settled into his new role as interim Chief, emphasis on the interim. Bailey was eager to take a step back from the stress of running the surgical division before, but she didn't seem to confident in her decision to pass the torch along to Karev, who managed to park in Bailey's parking spot, fire a doctor, and spend the hospital's quarterly budget all in his first day. This in turn made Jo (Camilla Luddington) – who made her adorable debut in navy scrubs – question begging Bailey for a fellowship, as the latter spent more time shadowing Alex than actually being a partner or teacher to Jo.
Speaking of teaching...who exactly taught or rather raised the characters on this show? I'm mainly (read: only) talking about Jackson (Jesse Williams). He decided to take a leave of absence without telling Maggie (Kelly McCreary). Yup, he's basically doing the same thing April did to him when she fled overseas and refused to come home for months. A move that destroyed their relationship in the end, might I add. Seriously, how hard is it to have an honest conversation in person about needing space before just ghosting someone? Maggie, of course, didn't take Jackson's disappearing act well and began taking her hurt feelings out on Owen (Kevin McKidd) and Amelia's (Caterina Scorsone) relationship.
Owen and Amelia were super confused, but breathed a sigh of relief once they realized that Maggie was only lashing out because of Jackson. Except us viewers know that that's not the only reason. The real reason Maggie's on edge about them rekindling their relationship is pregnant and goes by the name Teddy (Kim Raver), who was absent from this week's episode. Hopefully she arrives soon, because Maggie can't hold water and something tells me that the news of baby Altman-Hunt is about to spread.
Maggie wasn't the only one projecting feelings this episode, as Webber (James Pickens Jr.) once again came face to face with his greatest adversary – alcohol. Or so he thought. One young patient came in with a saw lodged in his chest, while a few others were seriously injured during the same accident. The culprit: their drunk shop teacher. Webber tossed all that good beside manner training to the side and immediately started berating the teacher believing him to be an alcoholic, like he once was. But after taking a step back and getting out of his feelings, Webber discovered that the teacher had a condition which turned consumed sugar into fermented yeast, thus making him drunk. So, while Webber's initial gut feeling turned out to be wrong, the second was right.
Unfortunately intern Roy (Rushi Kota) wasn't so lucky. His gut caused him to misdiagnose a patient's nosebleed, which of course, turned out to be more. In turn, he was fired by Chief Karev. Another Grey Sloan doctor bites the dust, and if we're being honest, no one's going to miss him.
Everyone else seemed to be on the up and up this episode. Link (Chris Carmack) started to settle into his place at the hospital. He still has a huge ego, but it was nice to see him make an effort to bond with his Webber and DeLuca (Giacomo Gianniotti). Meredith (Ellen Pompeo) is seriously making an effort to open herself up to love again and is working with the matchmaker patient, CeCe, to find the perfect suitor. It's taking a little longer to find him than Meredith thought it would, but as Karev told her, she's earned the right to be choosy about the kind of guy she deserves. Yes! Come through with the great advice, Alex.
The best part of the entire episode, though? Watching Nico (Alex Landi) continuously give Glasses (Jake Borelli) butterflies every time he walked into a room, or took his shirt off in front of him. Please Grey's, more of this. The couple I mean, because this is the one we're rooting for this season. My gut tells me they're going to be great — definitely a little awkward at first (ahem, Glasses) — but definitely great.

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