The Queer Eye Guys Reunited With Mamma Tammye & We're All Blessed For It

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The heroes from Queer Eye reunited with Mamma Tammye over the weekend and it will make you feel so good. Seriously, grab the tissues because you’re about to take an emotional journey that is worthy of a very special episode of the Netflix series.
As Buzzfeed pointed out, Mamma Tammye Hicks invited some of the other Queer Eye participants to come to a party at her church community center in Gay, Georgia. You know, the one that resident design expert Bobby Berk beautified last season. The Fab Five – Berk, Antoni Porowski, Karamo Brown, Tan France, and Jonathan Van Ness – unfortunately couldn’t make it to the party since they’re busy filming Queer Eye season 3 in Kansas City, Missouri, but fans will notice some familiar faces in this crowd.
Season 2’s William Mahnken was there with his fiancée Shannon, along with first season heroes Neal Reddy, Cory Waldrop, Joe Gallois, and Bobby Camp. Skyler Jay, the show’s first transgender hero, was there as was everyone’s favorite Burning Man enthusiast Jason, who yes, brought Beth. Queer Eye’s youngest hero Sean VanMeter even performed a mini-concert for everyone in attendance. And let’s just say Tan and Jonathan should be proud since they all ah-mazing. Seriously, they all seem to be keeping up with their grooming and fashion tips.
“Major tears alert,” the official Queer Eye Instagram wrote knowing exactly what we were all thinking. “Our heroes had a Queer Eye meet up at MAMA TAMMYE’S CHURCH COMMUNITY CENTER. Our hearts have melted to see them all together, still looking shamazing, and sharing so much love with each other.”
If you’re not already crying, maybe Karamo’s response to this reunion will help. “Omg this makes me so happy,” he tweeted.
It shouldn’t be all that surprising that the Queer Eye heroes would want to get together. In her interview with Refinery29, Mamma Tammye, who was Queer Eye’s first female hero, said she believed in the show’s healing powers. "Can I just start by saying that it’s life-changing?” she said of the experience of being on the show. “It goes a long way into spreading the message of unconditional love and changing people’s hearts. The community definitely changed. The whole experience opened a lot of people’s eyes to what unconditional love truly looks like.”
This isn’t the first time the Queer Eye heroes have gotten together. Back in July, William and Shannon had a double date with first season’s lovebirds Tom and Abby. Perhaps, this Queer Eye reunion can become an annual thing? That is, if our tear ducts can handle it.
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