14 Facebook Watch Shows Definitely Worth Watching

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Is Facebook the space where grandmothers share pictorial inspirational quotes? Indeed. Is it a mess of conflicting information where elections are potentially swayed? Check. Is it the place where, in seventh grade, we posted selfies using PhotoBooth? Obviously.
And soon, it might be a place for prestige TV. With the unveiling of Facebook Watch in August 2017, Facebook made its bid to become a platform for longform video content. In addition to scrolling through elementary school classmates' engagement photos, you can watch TV on Facebook. This is a whole new world of entertainment, and we're giving you the oar to help you wade through it.
Here are the shows on Facebook Watch you should queue up next.
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Profile (2018)

As host of Buzzfeed's Profile, Audie Cornish of NPR's All Things Considered leads the vanguard of news shows on Facebook Watch. In each episode, Cornish nabs high profile interviews, like with Christine Hallquist, the first openly transgender nominee for governor, and CNN anchor Alisyn Camerota.
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Red Table Talk (2018-present)

The latest iteration in Jada Pinkett Smith's career? Incredible talk show host. The intimate talk show is filmed in the Smith family's living room, so in addition to hearing from public figures, you get an inside peek into their personal lives. Willow Smith and Adrienne Banfield-Jones, Jada's mother, also join.
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Strangers (2017-present)

This show simply gets what it's like to be in flailing and in your mid-twenties. Your life's slightly mess, sure — but it's also porous, which allows possibilities to come breezing through. Essentially, your life can go anywhere. For Isobel (Zoe Chao), "anywhere" begins after her live-in boyfriend leaves her. Not only is she emotionally distraught, she's also suddenly behind on rent. Isobel decides to open up her extra room in a Los Angeles apartment to strangers (hence the title), bringing a variety of unforeseen experiences to her doorstep. Strangers is charming, character-driven TV.
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Humans of New York: The Series (2017-present)

If the "Humans of New York" Instagram feed makes you cry on the reg, then imagine what this TV show will do to your tear ducts. The episodes are structured around themes, so big ideas from "connection" to "time" are covered through the lens of candid interviews with real New Yorkers.
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Loosely Exactly Nicole (2017-present)

Nicole Byer does it all — but mostly, she just makes us crack up. As the host of the Netflix baking show Nailed It, she brings bursts of mischief to the occasional stressful proceedings. She has a podcast called Why Won't You Date Me?. And she's the star of this hilarious scripted series, which was brought to Facebook Watch after being cancelled on TV.
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Style Out There (2017-present)

What do the clothes we wear say about who we are? In this globe-trotting docu-series, Refinery29's Connie Wang is fueled by that question. She delves into fashion customs from specific communities around the world, and in the process, uncovers findings about ourselves.
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Ball in the Family (2017-present)

“We’re America’s first basketball family,” LaVar Ball said of his clan – and he's not wrong. Ball and his wife, Tina, raised three sons in Southern California. As LaVar predicted, all three eventually became professional basketball players. Ball in the Family is a drama-packed venture inside this sports empire.
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I Want My Phone Back (2017-present)

You know those rectangular blocks of silicon and glass we walk around with and cradle like they're our children? This game show from College Humor seeks to expose our deep attachments to our phones. Host Alana Johnston has free range over participants' phones. She does dastardly things like read their Notes Section aloud and text their exes' moms. Gasp! It's a total riot.
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The Tattoo Shop (2018-present)

This Facebook Watch show brings me back to the sweet, sweet marathons of Miami Ink that once kept me captivated for hours in high school. The overlap between shows is obvious — Tommy Montoya from NY Ink, Ami James from Miami Ink appear in The Tattoo Shop. But The Tattoo Shop is decidedly of the year 2018. In the show, Facebook users determine what tattoo the episode's client will receive. Would you put your fate in the hands of the masses for a tattoo from Ami James? These people will.
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After After Party (2018-present)

At last, a late night show about topics you actually care about. In each episode of After After Party, ridiculously charismatic host Sonia Denis sits down with a panel of guests for a frank and free-wheeling discussion about relevant topics in culture — and fun ones in pop culture, too. They talk about the psychology of our national true crime obsessions, the experience of daily life with crippling imposter syndrome, and the importance of self care, and more.
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SKAM Austin (2018-present)

Wish you were a cool kid in high school? Now's your chance: SKAM Austin is the teen show the coolest kids are watching. SKAM Austin is based on a Norwegian web series called SKAM, which broke viewership and streaming records in Norway. What sets SKAM Austin apart from the teen show landscape is its novel manner of delivery. The show cleverly uses multiple platforms to unveil its story arcs. While the season is running, the story unfolds in snippets depicted on characters' Instagram pages at the exact time as they're supposed to occurring in characters' lives. This, folks, is the future of TV.
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Sorry For Your Loss (2018-present)

Is Facebook Watch, a completely free streaming service, the newest host of high quality prestige TV? Sorry For Your Loss, out September 18, is an indication toward the affirmative. In Sorry For Your Loss, Elizabeth Olsen plays Leigh, a young widow grappling with tremendous loss as well as all the secrets her husband (Mamoudou Athie) left behind when he died three months prior.
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Sacred Lies (2018-present)

From Netflix's Wild Wild Country to the upcoming slate of movies about Charles Manson's Family, it's obvious that pop culture has a cult fixation. Sacred Lies, a creepy show about a teenage girl (Elena Kampouris) who escapes from a cult, fits squarely in the trend.
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Help Us Get Married (2018-present)

Help Us Get Married combines the ethos of wedding shows like Say Yes to the Dress and Four Weddings, and adds an interactive element. The show follows three couples during their wedding preparation drama. The audience weighs in and actually helps the couples shape their weddings.

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