The Real Reason Soccer Players Bleach Their Hair For The World Cup

Just when you thought countless hours of training couldn't unify a sports team more, three of Mexico's World Cup players went and bleached their hair blonde — together. And if you're wondering why Javier Hernandez, Carlos Salcedo, and Miguel Layun went full-on Eminem with their look, the answer is a lot more heart-warming than just following the latest hair color trends.
The tradition actually dates back to 1998, when the Romania team bleached their hair as a sign of unity and a way to bring them luck for the World Cup in France. The blonde ambition might've given them some team bonding — and made the commentators' job especially difficult as they tried to tell the players apart — but it sadly wasn't enough to secure a win against Croatia, who eliminated them in the second round.
Mexico is clearly hoping to have a different stroke of luck for their game against Brazil today. And if they win, Pete Davidson won't be the reason for blonde hair becoming a trending topic; fans of El Tri are already committed to a bleach job in celebration. "Okay so if Mexico wins tomorrow vs Brazil and make it to their 5th game, I will dye my hair the same color as Chicharo and Layun. Anyone who wants to join me is welcome," tweeted one fan. Here's hoping they actually use some toner this time.

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