Neptune Retrograde Is Coming, So Maybe We Can Finally Chill Out

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A wise astrologer who uses the handle @andagonistic recently tweeted, "Retrogrades are, without a doubt, the misunderstood good boys of astrology." Nowhere does this pearl of wisdom shine brighter than in the case of Neptune retrograde, which is believed to usher in lengthy periods of tranquility and heightened intuition. And, next Monday, June 18, we'll get to experience these effects firsthand.
Neptune actually goes through a retrograde period every year, spending almost half the year in its backspin. If you've never felt its influence before, that could be because this dreamy planet is so far away from Earth, and the outer planets are known to have subtler, less immediate effects on our everyday lives (unlike, say, Mercury, whose retrograde we usually feel like the flip of a switch). That said, there's a chance past Neptune retrogrades have flown by because you didn't know what to look for.
As astrologer Kimberly Peta Dewhirst writes, we may be more prone to flights of fancy during this retrograde (especially this time around, since Neptune will be in Pisces, the dreamer of the Zodiac). This kind of absent-mindedness can have its merits, writes astrologer Vivienne Micallef-Browne. Spending extra QT in your own head can help you reconnect with your values and higher sense of purpose (read: that five-year plan you drew up months ago). If you feel like you've lost track of your long-term goals recently, lean into this influence: stay in on the weekends, read more than you tweet, and put words to your feelings. Nurturing your inner self will ultimately make you feel more supported overall.
You may even feel more creative or spiritual during Neptune retrograde, so keep a notepad handy or your phone's Notes app open when you leave the house — you never know what may inspire you while Neptune's got your imagination turned up to 11.
Unfortunately, there's a chance that this period won't feel like one long bubble bath. According to astrologer Jamie King's blog, Astrology King, Neptune retrogrades can make us more aware of our inner fears and anxieties, so we might have to conquer feelings of self-doubt, guilt, or disillusionment if we want to get anything done during this backspin.
As is the case with any planet's retrograde, it's up to you to decide whether you resist or adapt to its effects. If Neptune's emphasis on the internal starts to get to you, get out of the house and find like-minded people, whether that's in the park, at a museum, or, if you must, at the office. We don't know about you, but we'll be doing our best to catch as many chill vibes from the planet of dreams and fantasy as we can until it goes direct in November.

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