America Voted & Krispy Kreme Has A New Doughnut Flavor

Krispy Kreme just made an announcement that has us questioning one of our most fundamental beliefs. We’ve always lived by the wise words, "Don’t mess with perfection," especially when perfection involves sweet gooey glaze over warm pillows of pastry. This guiding principle has always served us well, particularly when placing doughnut orders, but now we have doubts. Yesterday, Krispy Kreme announced that this spring, it will release a new take on its Original Glazed doughnut. The new flavor is — drumroll, please — Lemon.
Earlier this month, Krispy Kreme revealed that it was going to allow America to, as we regarded it at the time, mess with perfection by voting for an all-new glazed doughnut flavor. Over the course of just one week, two million votes came in for the four different contenders, blueberry, caramel, maple, and lemon. When the results were tallied, lemon was found to have won 36% of the votes.
In the official announcement, Krispy Kreme's chief marketing officer, Jackie Woodward, said, "Lemon won the vote, but we can’t glaze over the fact that the other three flavors all received a lot of support, even beyond the votes. Our fans’ passion for these flavors – and others – came through loud and clear on social media. So while the polls are closed, our minds are not." That, of course, could mean we haven't heard the last from the other candidates.
While we understand that caramel, maple, and blueberry all had support in this race, we're actually quite glad lemon was named the winner. Caramel and maple are two popular flavors we can hardly get enough of in fall and winter, however, the new glazed doughnut won't be coming out until this spring. If we had to have a flavor temporarily dethrone Krispy Kreme's very near perfect Original Glazed doughnut, we're glad it's not going to be something we'll be tired of once spring finally rolls around. Still, for those who still think perfect just can't get any better, ignore this PSA and continue with your regular order.

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