Your Horoscope This Week

Illustrated by Abbie Winters.
January goes out with a bang, thanks to the lunar eclipse shining across Leo and Aquarius on the 31st. Nurses and cops love to talk about how nuts ERs get during ordinary full moons, and a lunar eclipse is like a full moon on steroids. Lunar eclipses happen several times a year. A good way to tell how this one will go is to look back at your life around August 7, 2017 — the last time we had a lunar eclipse in this pair of signs. Some eclipses affect us more than others, so if that one whammed you, expect similar emotions to pop up again. As the moon and sun shine onto one another from across the Zodiac, the people closest to us may be revealed as closet werewolves. We might not be thrilled to see fangs sprouting from their snouts, but if that’s who our loved ones really are, we owe it to the relationship to look.
A lunar eclipse can also trigger conflicts that cause our own true nature to come out. On some level, we’re all werewolves, hiding our ugliest hungers and drives. In Leo and Aquarius, we could be hiding a lust for attention, egomania, or a ferocity to belong at all costs. The longer we hide that self away, the hungrier it gets. Lunar eclipses are about endings; the monster we’re afraid to look at is likely our best escort out of a tired situation.

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