Jessica Chastain & Octavia Spencer Are Going To One-Up Love Actually

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If you're sick of The Holiday or Love Actually — I'm not but I've heard lore of people like that — there is a new holiday comedy on the horizon! Jessica Chastain and Octavia Spencer will be making an as-of-yet untitled holiday comedy, because good things like chipper holiday movies still exist! Variety reports that Chastain and Spencer will star in a holiday comedy, which was actually co-created by Chastain. The Molly's Game actress and producer Kelly Carmichael pitched the movie, and screenwriter Peter Chiarelli is on board to write it. Chiarelli is a card-carrying member of the romantic comedy creator gang: He wrote the script to the 2009 movie The Proposal, which starred Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds.
The movie will feature two women struggling through rain and ice and snow to make it home for Christmas. (Not to talk out of class, but would the title I'll Be Home for Christmas be a good fit? Oh wait. Jonathan Taylor Thomas already did that movie.)
Chastain and Spencer have, of course, collaborated before — they appeared in the 2011 film The Help, which arguably put both of them on the A-list map. (They were both nominated for Oscars for the movie.) This year has also been big for Spencer and Chastain, as they're both in widely-recognized films that will likely get Oscar attention. On top of that, they are both members of Time's Up, the initiative that seeks to combat sexual misconduct in Hollywood and other industries.
Here's hoping their new movie does the holiday thing, but with better roles for women. Because, as I'm sure you're aware, most holiday-centric movies adhere to traditional — and therefore regressive — values. For example: A Christmas Prince, the viral Netflix hit, was about a woman falling in love with a prince.
Get ready for a new holiday classic to rewatch every December!
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