Starbucks Just Released A New Kind Of Espresso & It's Sweeter

Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Harrison.
Espresso is a drink many of us associate with only the most serious of coffee drinkers. The word "espresso" conjures up images of Italians standing at a bar, sipping the black beverage straight from small, mini mug-like cups. Despite the miniature cup's cutesy size, for some reason, the drink it holds has always been intimidating. But, even if you'd never drink espresso straight, it is a key ingredient in so many of our go-to coffee orders. Because of that, starting today, Starbucks is introducing a new, and more approachable, variety of espresso called the light roasted Blonde Espresso. With the new espresso addition, customers can sip a smoother twist to their regular order or maybe even work up the confidence to sip it straight.
Though Starbucks' new Blonde Espresso has just as much caffeine as the chain's Signature Espresso, which is bold and dark, it offers a taste that's a bit more accessible. If you're usually a tea drinker or even a coffee drinker who takes your usual order with extra sugar or plenty of cream, the new Blonde Espresso is definitely worth a try.
We got a chance to try the new espresso roast, and it does in fact have a noticeably smoother and sweeter taste. Unlike Starbucks' Signature Espresso, which has a heavier, roast-y finish, the Blonde Espresso leaves you with a bright citrusy one. For those who need to see in order to believe, the blend of Latin American and East African beans are also noticeably lighter when compared with those used to make the original espresso. Take a look:
Photo: Courtesy of Olivia Harrison.
Even if you're not the type to get intimidated by black coffee and dark roasted beans, the new espresso could simply add another option to get you out of a coffee ordering rut. Any of the Starbucks drinks that are made with the Signature Espresso — whether you knew it or not — can now be made with the Blonde Espresso for no extra charge.
We also tried a few barista-recommended drinks made with the new offering. When served cold, the Blonde Espresso's notes of lemon, orange, and caramel are especially apparent so it's great as the base for an Iced Americano. If you're go-to order is a vanilla latte, there's also the Blonde Vanilla Latte, which is one less pump of vanilla syrup in order to let the espresso's natural sweetness shine through. We even tried a Flat White made with the new espresso and almond milk, and it had an added smooth nuttiness that made it feel like a whole new menu item.
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