The 10 Jobs Employers Desperately Want To Fill

When you need a job, it can feel like there are no jobs. When you want a specific job, it can seem like every industry is hiring except for your dream spot.
Whatever your situation, you should know that people are hiring — just in some sectors more than others.
If you need a starting point, check out Monster's top-ten job listings of 2017. The list includes the titles that were most frequently posted on the site this year, revealing where the demand is, if you're game to meet that supply.
While some lists are tech top-heavy, this one presents options that cross the wider spectrum of the economy. Some might be good for part-time or seasonal jobs, others for long-term growth. The healthcare industry, which is expanding, presents options for both.
"For the number-one position of registered nurses, demand is expected to continue to be strong over the next several years," said Beamer. "The Bureau of Labor statistics is projecting a 15% growth rate through 2026, versus a 7% average for other occupations — meanwhile, many states are reporting nursing shortages."
That can mean more choices for some RNs, and in some cases, more leverage in salary negotiations.
"We see in a number of these jobs — delivery service drivers, retail salesperson, customer service reps — continued strength of retail, fueled by e-commerce. What it really shows most is the breadth and diversity of our economy," Jonathan Beamer, the chief marketing officer at Monster Worldwide, told Refinery29. "But at the end of the day, we’d caution against defining your job path simply by market growth. A career is more than an economic projection — it’s what you do day in and day out, for more hours than you spend with family or friends."
Instead of job hunting by numbers, he advises that you start by thinking about what excites you, and searching from there, using recommendations based on keywords, skills, or the specific field to get a better feel for what is available.
See if the following 10 jobs inspire anything in you.
1. Registered Nurse
2. First-Line Supervisor of Retail Sales Workers
3. Light Truck or Delivery Services Driver
4. Retail Salesperson
5. Customer Service Representative
6. Software Developer (Applications)
7. Sales Representative (Wholesale & Manufacturing)
8. Computer User Support Specialist
9. Heavy & Tractor-Trailer Truck Driver
10. First-Line Office Supervisor & Administrative Support Workers

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