The Wild Story Of How A Student Discovered His Birth Brother At His College, In The Same Major

Kieron Graham, a 20-year-old political science major at Kennesaw State University in Georgia, was adopted at three months old, but as he told BuzzFeed, his adoptive parents had always tried to keep him and his other adoptive siblings informed about their birth families.
Graham knew his birth parents' first names, but he tells Refinery29 that while he had tried to search for them on social media, it wasn't until he recently did an Ancestry DNA test that he got their last names and was able to actually look them up.
According to BuzzFeed, he got about 100 loose family matches, but got a strong match with Vincent Ghant, a 29-year-old man who had also taken an Ancestry DNA test.
What's even more amazing, though, is that Ghant and Graham were both attending the same university, had the same major, and were both in their junior years of school.
After finding each other on Facebook, the two met in person, an experience Ghant told BuzzFeed was "very emotional."
Not only that, Graham found out that he has another younger brother, 17-year-old Christian, and all three brothers had a reunion.
"I grew up knowing about [Ghant], but not my little brother who was born after I was," Graham tells Refinery29. "It was an amazing experience to realize I had another."
What's more, Graham has connected with his birth father's side of the family, and has plans to meet his birth mother soon.
Ghant told BuzzFeed that the experience has understandably been an emotional rollercoaster for their birth mother.
"She's super excited, but half the time she's also sad [and] fearful," he said. "She wants him to understand why she had to do what she had to do. But overall she's very excited."
As for Graham?
"My life has definitely changed!" he tells Refinery29. "It feels like a dream. My family expanded tenfold and it’s just all too surreal."
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