Hulu Canceled The Only TV Show Calling Out Hollywood's Predators

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The final episode of Difficult People's third season aired back in September, but star Billy Eichner confirmed last night that it would not be returning for a season four.
"Yes it's true," he wrote on Twitter. "DIFFICULT PEOPLE has come to an end. Thanks to many people but above all my friend, @julieklausner. A singular comedic voice & the funniest person I know. I cannot WAIT to see what Julie creates next. Thanks to all of you Difficult People out there who watched."
While this is a blow for the fans who watch the show, it's even more of a disappointment for the people who haven't yet. Difficult People was just gaining momentum in this climate of Hollywood sexual assault after the internet noticed that the Hulu original had been calling out these alleged predators long before accusations were making headlines.
"I’ve had an agenda this entire time on this show: to call out bullshit," co-star Julie Klausner told Entertainment Weekly. "To say things that other people don’t want to say because they’re afraid of burning bridges — because I had these two characters that didn’t have any bridges to burn."
People first noticed the show's ruthlessness following the accusations against Kevin Spacey. While these reports were only just being made public, Eichner and Klausner had been writing lines that hinted as much since the show began.
"We have three seasons full of Kevin Spacey jokes," Klausner continued. "To the point where I was worried we had too many. I think season 2, I made a point of making sure every script had one."
It wasn't just Spacey the show tackled. This past season, there was an entire episode dedicated to Woody Allen, in which Klausner's character has to grapple with being cast in a new Allen show. The whole thing is sprinkled with subtle and not-so-subtle digs at the icon, who has been accused by his own daughter of molestation, such as when Julie reads for Esther, a part described as "white female, over 16, unfuckable."
Many people were ready to see how the show tackled these issues now that they were out in the open. What biting commentary awaited us in season 4? We'll never know, and Hulu has not responded to comment on why this decision was made. It's worth noting that Deadline reports Dave Becky, Louis C.K.'s former manager who was accused of silencing the women who spoke out, is also an executive producer on the show.
"I’m really proud that we got to go on record and say what we wanted to say," Klausner concluded. "To watch the culture shifting is exciting because it’s not like these things weren’t happening since the beginning of time, but to watch people care is really exciting. We had amazing legal counsel on the show. There’s no question looking back that we got away with murder."
But something tells me we only scratched the surface of how far they were willing to go.
If you have experienced sexual violence and are in need of crisis support, please call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
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