Pizza Hut Just Introduced Its Cheesiest Stuffed Crust Yet

Photo: Courtesy of Pizza Hut.
If you’re of the mind that the best part of pizza is the cheese, Pizza Hut just introduced a new menu item that will definitely validate those feelings. Thanks to FoodBeast, we found out that the pizza chain is now offering Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza. Beginning yesterday, it became available nationwide.
The name Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza seems to be a fitting description for what this new kind of pizza is. According to the Pizza Hut website, in place of regular crust or even run-of-the-mill stuffed crust, a large Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza features 16 pockets of ooey-gooey cheese. Each pocket is packed with a five-cheese blend, which includes mozzarella, provolone, fontina, asiago, and white cheddar. You can eat the round cheese pouches attached to your pizza slices as if they were regular crusts. Or, if you’re feeling adventure, you can pull the cheese balls off and stuff them in your face one by one as a side dish to your pizza.
As is true with most announcements that involve this much cheese, the internet is having a strong response. Mostly the reactions were positive, although we did see some complaints that despite the pockets being packed with five different types of cheese, they were still too small. Some people just always want more, especially when it comes to cheese, and we respect that.
In addition to introducing a new vehicle for more cheese, Pizza Hut also announced yesterday that it would be giving away what it's calling a 'Tis the Cheese'n holiday package, which according to a press release, comes with merch that's perfect for all the pizza lovers out there. Included in the package is a "Cheese'n" sweater and beanie, a pizza mug, pizza string lights, pizza blanket, pizza ornament, and more. Fans of pizza, especially the kind with extra cheese, can enter to win by tweeting @pizzahut.
Even if you don't get up winning those cheesy gift set, you can still try the Ultimate Cheesy Crust Pizza, and since we've already established that cheese is the ultimate gift, hopefully that will be enough.
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