This Mind-Bending Stranger Things Theory Will Leave You SO Shook

Clearly I'm watching TV wrong, because I never in a million years would have picked up on this clue that Insider noticed while watching Stranger Things season 2. The new season picks up right after the events of the last, and ends with us wondering how it could possibly keep going. Turns out, the answer has everything to do with Jim Hopper. The character emerged as a fan favorite this season, but if these details mean what we think they mean, then we're about to learn a whole lot more about the police chief.
It all comes down to this handrail, which we see in the season 2 finale:
Photo: Netflix.
This is when Eleven and Hopper have ventured back into Hawkins. But wait — we've seen it before. Here's a flashback from the finale of season 1:
Photo: Netflix.
This is when Hopper is crying after his daughter dies in the hospital. Except what if that hospital was Hawkins? Literal chills.
After all, we were never told how his daughter died, and his connection to Eleven and his work with the lab would take on a whole new meaning if, in fact, this isn't his first rodeo. What if he's been dealing with Hawkins for a while now? What mysterious past is he hiding?
"It's something we'll delve more into in terms of Jim's daughter and him confronting this Eleven relationship and what that means ... there's more to be revealed there," he told Insider in an interview. He even spoke about the the railing — or at least, kind of.
"Hmmmm [laughing] I can not," Harbour responded when asked if he could talk about the connection of the locations. "But yes, it is the same location. So that's interesting."
Yes, very interesting. In fact, it sounds like we might have just figured out what goes down in season 3 — at least, fingers crossed.

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