Did A Tarot Card Reader Predict This Princess' Future?

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Just when we thought Mary, Crown Princess of Denmark, was living a real-life fairytale, we learn a new magical detail that all but confirms it. According to People, the Danish newspaper Kristeligt Dagblad reported that Princess Mary shared a story about an oddly accurate tarot reading with author Jens Andersen.
Before she was a princess, before she married or even met her now-husband, Crown Prince Frederik, Princess Mary was Mary Donaldson, a 28-year-old advertising executive. While she was single and living in her home country of Australia, she went to a flea market that offered tarot readings. She told Andersen that she decided on a whim to see what the cards held in store for her. People reports that the royal walked away with nothing but good news.
Not only did the reader see a career change in her future, but a life of fame spent living in Europe with a foreign man, to boot. "I left there and thought, Well yes, that was a lot of fun, but nothing more,” Princess Mary told Andersen. Fun or not, this prediction has all but played out in her actual life: It wasn't long after that that the princess-to-be met Prince Frederik at the 2000 Sydney Olympics — though he only introduced himself as "Fred," at the time. Princess Mary wouldn't learn of his royal background until her friends pointed it out later. The couple married in 2004.
We may never know the exact cards that Princess Mary's reader pulled that fateful day, but we have to guess that the spread featured cards that are associated with major changes and opportunities ahead. Whatever the reader saw, here's what we know for sure: It was their interpretation of the cards that Princess Mary walked away with — not the meaning of the cards themselves.
As a rule, tarot cards and their respective meanings are pretty vague. Depending on which are drawn, they should be able to reveal any possible outcome for any person. In other words, pulling cards and taking their meaning at face value can be a helpful practice if you're seeking guidance or advice, but this won't give you a specific snapshot of your future. It's only when an experienced reader is drawing cards for you that you might get a prediction like the one Princess Mary received.
The skeptics among us may say that predicting a life of travel and romance is probably the default when a young professional woman comes looking for a reading. But the fact that such a sunny prediction actually came true makes us want to believe this was more than a shot in the dark.
For what it's worth, Prince Frederik isn't losing any royal sleep over what a bunch of tarot cards have to say. "I don’t try to look ahead and say, ‘Can I predict my destiny for the next two years?’ I don’t want to talk to anyone who claims they can," he said. "No one should read anything about me and my future."

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