A Man Sexually Assaulted This Bartender & She Broke Her Hand Fighting Back

Photographed by Sunny Shokrae.
When a badass bartender was sexually assaulted in a Philadelphia bar, she broke three bones beating the guy up. "I put him in a headlock and beat him to a pulp," Jacquelyn Blough told Philadelphia Magazine,
The 30-year-old was hanging out at the South Philadelphia bar where she works with female friends on Oct. 28, when a group of guys came over to talk. Suddenly, one of the men put his hand up her skirt and assaulted her, Blough alleged.
"He forcefully rammed his fingers up inside of me, out of nowhere,” Blough told Philadelphia Magazine. “It was awful. I spun around, and he looked at me and told me he was just kidding. So I put him in a headlock and beat him to a pulp." She added, "I’m a small woman and this huge guy couldn’t get me off of him. I beat him until he just couldn’t be beaten any further."
According to Blough, the guy was thrown out of the bar. But she was forced to spend the rest of the night at the hospital getting a cast put on her broken arm.
A few days later, she posted to Facebook asking her friends for help. "I am now out of work and dealing with this absolute nightmare," she wrote.
A GoFundMe page was started to raise money for her medical bills and living expenses, since bartending requires the use of both arms. Blough wrote on the fundraising page, "I don't like using these types of sites because I pride myself on paying my own way, but that was taken away from me, by a terrible person. So I'm reaching out for help, till I can get back to a point where I can work on my own again."
The fundraiser's goal was surpassed in just three days, and Blough wrote on her Facebook page: "I can't believe the love and outpouring of support from complete strangers. You are all angels. Thank you so much."
The Philadelphia Police Department is now looking for the man Blough described as a white 40-year-old, but have not released any information about the ongoing investigation. Considering Blough says she beat him to a pulp, he probably has some identifying marks and bruises, and maybe even broken bones himself.
If you have experienced sexual violence and are in need of crisis support, please call the RAINN Sexual Assault Hotline at 1-800-656-HOPE (4673).
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