Why Astrologers Are Calling Today The Luckiest Day Of The Year

Photographed by Rochelle Brock.
It isn't just you, stargazer — everyone's feeling different today. There might be a spring in your step, extra cash in your pocket, or an exciting offer waiting on your desk. As astrologer Susan Miller told Popsugar, today is the luckiest day of the year.
We have Jupiter and the sign of Scorpio to thank for this momentous event. The planet of luck and sage advice is currently in Scorp's dark, complex domain. At first glance, it might not sound like a match made in the heavens, but this planet-sign pairing uniquely serves all 12 signs of the Zodiac.
In a sense, Scorpionic energy encourages duplicity: We should be ambitious but keep our dreams close to the vest; we should pursue deep, intimate relationships but hide our feelings from those closest to us. Jupiter takes those urges and cuts them off at the "but." We should be ambitious. We should pursue emotionally fulfilling relationships. And, with this noble planet's wind beneath our wings, we can.
If you're worried this fortuitous day is already slipping through your fingers, don't panic. Jupiter has actually been in Scorpio since October 10 and its stay is booked until November 8, 2018. You don't always need to be aware of astrological goings-on to reap their rewards.
Plus, according to the Astrotwins, the luck you enjoy today is only the beginning of this transit's benefits. Under Jupiter's wise, vigilant gaze, secrets and mysteries will be pulled out of the darkness and into the light. Keep your eyes and ears open for game-changing information and even word of an unexpected opportunity (or three). By that same token, though, if you've been hiding something (and that includes lies of omission), speak now or await Jupiter's justice.
It's rare that an astrological event presents purely good news to all of us, so bask in this moment while you can, stargazers. And then, see how you can direct your newfound luck toward planning an incredible Halloweekend.

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