John Legend On Which Recipe Of Chrissy Teigen’s He Loves The Most

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John Legend's musical talent made him famous (and won him 10 Grammys), but these days, he might be equally well-known for being one-third of our favorite foodie family. He and wife Chrissy Teigen have shared their culinary adventures and creations with fans for years (most notably, of course, with Teigen's cookbook, Cravings).
In a recent partnership, Legend enlisted one of his lesser-known talents – his ability to keep a straight face. To help spread the word about new all-natural Capri Suns, he starred in a video where helps two kids prank their mom. Refinery29 caught up with Legend to talk food on the road, which of Teigen's recipes is his favorite, and the other childhood snacks he still loves.

Cooking At Home

Recently, a fan noted that Teigen was cooking to John Legend's music, something Teigen confirmed on Twitter, explaining that Luna loves "hearing dada when he's away on tour." John says, when he's home, however, they typically don't listen to music in the kitchen. Instead, the duo likes to watch TV when they cook. If it's Legend's pick, he goes for sports, whereas Teigen's choice, he says, would be one of the Housewives franchises.
When it comes to Teigen's recipes, he says that her chicken pot pie is his favorite, as well as her French onion soup. He also teased that there are "so many good" dishes coming in her new cookbook, something that is making our Cravings II hunger even worse. But he's no slouch in the kitchen, either. When asked if there's anything he makes better than her, he says fried chicken. His other areas of expertise? Breakfast and grilled mains. "If I worked at a restaurant, I'd be on the grill," he says.

Dining On The Road

While Legend also confirmed that he and Teigen do eat whole grilled Branzino a lot, he did also note that it wasn't every night, despite Teigen saying she has "one whole fish" daily. But, when he is on tour, he does do a lot of eating of the same thing. To be ready for show nights, he typically eats light, starting the day with an egg white omelet and chicken and veggies for dinner. On days off, however, he can explore the cities he's in and indulge in local cuisine.
While his music takes him all over the world (he raves about some tapas he recently tried in Barcelona), Italy remains a favorite. It's where he and Teigen got married, and they go back nearly every year to vacation and enjoy pasta and pizza. Legend says they're also lucky that, so far, Luna is as adventurous an eater as her parents and able to accompany them to gourmet restaurants.

The Ultimate Snack Time

In the spirit of Capri Sun, we asked Legend if there were any other childhood snacks he still enjoys. What he said next only confirmed our desire to be a member of the Legend-Teigen household. He explains that a ton of nostalgic favorites, like Goldfish and Cheez-Its, are always stocked at their house because they have an in-home movie theater filled with classic movie theater snacks. To make it really over-the-top, there's also a nacho cheese dispenser and hot dog machine. Legend says that its a huge hit with his nephews and nieces when they visit, though we would also like to note that we, as adults, are equally obsessed with the idea of a hot dog and nacho machine of our very own.
Check out John Legend's Capri Sun video, and his ability to keep a straight face, below:

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