Emmanuel Macron's Dog Peed In A Fireplace During A Meeting

Photo: ALAIN JOCARD/AFP/Getty Images.
For all intents and purposes, French President Emmanuel Macron's dog Nemo can be described as a good boy. The black Labrador-Griffon cross is the first French presidential pup in history to come from a rescue center, where the president and first lady Brigitte Macron reportedly bought him for $300. In the last couple of months, Nemo has been seen standing at attention while welcoming foreign dignitaries and playing around the gardens of the Élysée Palace like it's no one's business.
But once in a while, even good dogs are a bit naughty — and Nemo is no exception. Recently, the 2-year-old pup was hanging out in one of the palace's rooms while Macron and his junior ministers held an official meeting. But he had some troubles, erm, containing himself. So he naturally went ahead and did what any young dog would do when it's not entirely housebroken: He peed in the fireplace while officials helplessly looked on.
Then, like nothing happened, Nemo left the room because #yolo and everyone burst out laughing.
"I wondered what that noise was," the junior minister for ecology, Brune Poirson, said in a video obtained by French station TF1.
“Does this happen often?” Julien Denormandie, another one of the ministers and one of Macron's longterm aides, jokingly asked the president.
“No, you triggered a totally unusual behavior in my dog,” Macron replied.
Although the video doesn't show who cleaned the mess, we can only imagine this wasn't the first time Nemo has gotten down to business inside the palace since the president was sworn in in May and the family moved in. And we're sure it won't be the last because, hey, sometimes you gotta go when you gotta go. If you're a 2-year-old dog, a fireplace in an 18th-century palace is as good a spot as any.
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