Which Big Life Event Would You Skip If People Didn't Judge You For It?

Photographed by Megan Madden.
Okay, be completely honest: Would you skip your cousin's baby shower if nobody judged you for it? How about the wedding of that coworker you don't like? If we're going to be completely honest, we would only attend bridal and baby showers if the host could guarantee no cheesy games. Bridal-shower bingo? Ugh. (An open bar wouldn't hurt, either.)
User @Gremlinsblood recently posed a question on Reddit asking what major life events people would skip out on if there were absolutely no repercussions — i.e. judgment. Because while in a perfect world, you could do whatever you want and everyone would understand, reality is more complicated.
"If you were never to be judged, what events would you never attend again? Funerals? Birthdays? Weddings?" the user asked.
The most popular response in the thread so far is "weddings." We know this is a tricky subject, so we've put together a guide on how to say no to a wedding without sounding like a jerk. (Hint: RSVP on time, be brief in your explanation, and don't backpedal on your decision!) Whether you're accepting or declining, though, there are quite a few ways not to RSVP, too. True story: someone said no to one of our editors' weddings with a sad-face drawing. Do not do that.
Other Reddit users mentioned baby showers and work parties as please-do-not-invite-me events. "Baby showers, hands down," said @tengolacamisanegra. "Yes! God I hate those things," responded @Sawgirl. We've heard this one a lot — is it time to rethink the baby shower? After all, not every expecting mom loves opening present after present in front of everyone she knows...it feels obligatory.
Finally, user @rylo151 said: "Work parties. I already hate spending eight hours of my day with these people, why would I want to drink with them?" You do you.

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