11 People Share The Adorable Stories Of How Their Parents Met

Once upon a time, before dating apps existed, people actually did meet other people in real life. It may seem like a fairy tale from the distant past, now that your next date is just a right swipe away, but meeting a new partner randomly at a bar or house party (or even because you got on the wrong bus) was actually common just one generation ago. And as great as dating apps can be, it's likely that it's not how your parents met.
Just take a look at a recent thread posted to Twitter in which people are telling the stories about their parents. Writer Alex Trimboli posed the question to her followers Tuesday, after realizing that a lot of people didn't even know the story.
And the responses she's getting are too adorable for this world. Like the person whose dad met their mom just because he accidentally got on the wrong bus one day:
And the person whose mom met their dad thanks to an unwanted party at her apartment:
And the person whose mom went to a school dance with one guy and ended up leaving with their dad:
And the person whose grandparents grew up in the same small town in Italy, but didn't meet the grandmother called a plumber (the grandfather) while living in Massachusetts:
Not all of the stories are quite this epic, of course. Some people met because they were high school or college sweethearts:
And some couples were formed from good old-fashioned set-ups:
Again, there's nothing wrong with meeting people on dating apps. Lots of us are doing it now that they exist, and recent research shows that they're actually changing what relationships look like by introducing people to other people they would never have met otherwise.
Still, it's nice to know that it is possible to meet someone without the help of an app, especially if you're the kind of person who really hates all that swiping.
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