Mandy Moore Got Tested For Celiac & Documented It On Instagram

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Gluten-free diets have become something of a trend in recent years, but for those who have celiac disease or gluten allergies or sensitivities, it's much more serious than a fad — just ask Mandy Moore.
On Saturday, Moore posted a photo of herself to her Instagram story, according to People, documenting her trip to the doctor.
She captioned the photo, "Grog City. Just had an upper endoscopy to officially see whether or not I have celiac (only way to officially diagnose)."
In July, Moore had posted on Instagram that she may have celiac disease, and asked her followers for helpful tips.
Celiac disease is an autoimmune disorder in which your body's immune system has a reaction whenever you eat gluten. The symptoms can include abdominal bloating and chronic diarrhea, but can also involve fatigue, anemia, and bone or joint pain.
It's a serious condition, but can be difficult to diagnose. As Moore wrote on her Instagram story, doctors may recommend an upper endoscopy, a procedure that allows them to identify inflammation or damage in your small intestines — a sign of celiac. Doctors will also perform a biopsy of your intestines during the endoscopy to help confirm a celiac diagnosis. The procedure is mostly low-risk, and usually takes about 15 minutes.
Those who do have celiac disease, of course, have to abstain from consuming gluten for the rest of their lives.
While a gluten-free diet is a lifesaver for those who have celiac disease, those of us who don't absolutely need to cut gluten out of our lives may actually be putting ourselves at more health risk if we decide to hop on the gluten-free train.
So if you're experiencing some gluten sensitivities, definitely do as Mandy Moore did and check with your doctor.
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