Twitter Wants To Know What Secret Message This TV Show Is Sending With Coffee Mugs

Photographed by Alexandra Gavillet.
Victoria Derbyshire is a current affairs program that airs every weekday on the BBC. The show is known for its award-winning journalism, but recently, viewers have been distracted from the issues discussed by Victoria Derbyshire and her fellow presenters because, for some strange reason, the show’s set is completely cluttered by coffee mugs.
This hilarious fact was pointed out yesterday by a Guardian reporter named Stuart Heritage, who tweeted, "I might be the last person to notice, but what the fuck sort of mug fetish does Victoria Derbyshire have? Her set is conservatively 85% mug." After that, Heritage began sharing screenshots of the episodes he was watching, and it did indeed seem like there was a weird mug obsession happening behind the scenes. In most of the shots, the mugs outnumbered the people, which means many of them were serving absolutely no purpose.
It's not totally out of the ordinary for new anchors to have a mug sitting on the desk in front of them, but the sheer number of mugs on this news show has to mean something, right? Plus, the weird formations that the mugs have been appearing in can't be an accident, surely. After Heritage brought this to Twitter's attention, a few users chimed in with their theories about what the mugs mean.
The best response to #MugGate came when one insider, who had appeared as a guest on the program recently, commented to let Stuart Heritage and the rest of Twitter know what the attitude toward mugs is on set. Apparently, the people who work on the Victoria Derbyshire are very protective of the mugs.
Finally, today, after hours of Twitter hypothesizing about the mugs on the set of the BBC show, Derbyshire herself responded to Stuart Heritage's initial tweet and jokingly said, "when I remember (not enough) I deliberately untidy them."
So, there we have it, there's no conspiracy. It's just Victoria Derbyshire having a little fun with her viewers.
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