The Genius Way To Use Nipple Clamps We Never Would Have Thought Of

If you've never run across nipple clamps, it's not too difficult to imagine what they might look like. They're clamps, used most often to stimulate someone's nipples during sex. But, as a stroke of genius from one woman's boyfriend shows us, that's not the only way nipple clamps can be used. In fact, they're perfect for keeping your Hot Cheetos fresh.
Michelle Kairu debuted this incredible idea via Twitter, after her boyfriend clipped her nipple clamps (which do look an awful lot like chip clips) onto her Cheetos bag.
Clearly, Twitter was obsessed with the photo. Her tweet has more than 70,000 likes as of writing.
For the most part, people are impressed with her boyfriend's creativity:
Though some just wanted to learn more about how nipple clamps are actually supposed to be used:
But how exactly did Hot Cheetos and nipple clamps get connected in Kairu's boyfriend's mind? It turns out that he's just a really sweet guy who often buys fun new snacks for Kairu when she comes over to his place, she told Cosmopolitan. That day, the snack was Hot Cheetos, but she was unable to eat them all before she had to go home. Instead of letting them go stale, her boyfriend grabbed the nipple clamps she keeps at his home and secured the bag.
Though her photo has the rest of Twitter shook, Kairu told Cosmo that she wasn't too shocked by his actions.
"My reaction wasn't too big of a thing — I'm used to him always surprising me, honestly," she said. "He's something else. I love it."
Refinery29 has reached out to Kairu and will update this post when we receive a response.
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