An Extremely Extra Dad Mailed Mangoes To His Daughter At College

In a rush to pack everything she needed to go back to college after a weekend at home, 19-year-old Cecilia Li forgot the mango her dad had sliced up for her in the fridge. Most parents would probably have said, "tough luck" (mine definitely would), but Li's dad went the super extra mile and sent her the container of mango overnight.
When she found the package in her dorm the next day, she took photos and posted them to Twitter, along with screenshots of the conversation she and her dad had once he realized she forgot them.
"We're a big fruit family," Li told BuzzFeed. Her family buys a box of mangos to share every summer and they're her favorite fruit, which is why her dad made sure to slice and package some up in a Tupperware container so that she could eat them at school.
When she realized that she left them in the fridge, she was so disappointed that she considered going back, but her mom told her not to.
Luckily, her dad knows the importance of good mangoes, and not only mailed them to her overnight, but also packaged them in a styrofoam container packed full of ice packs so they'd still be as fresh as possible.
"I had never been happier nor more amused that I had mangoes cut, packaged, and shipped with love," Li told BuzzFeed. "Needless to say, they were gone within minutes."
If only we all had parents as extra as Li's dad.
Refinery29 has reached out to Li and will update this story when we receive a response.
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