Starbucks Just Launched A New Drink That Is Going To Be The Next Cold Brew

The weather might be cooling down, making cold brew a less popular order this season, but for a select group of individuals, it's cold coffee only, all year round, regardless of what the temperature is outside. If you're a member of that exclusive club, Starbucks made an announcement today that you definitely need to hear. The coffee company has found a way to make cold-pressed espresso, and the brand new cold coffee drink will be available three different ways.
Starbucks revealed today that its engineers have come up with a cold extraction process that combines aspects from the brewing methods of both hot espresso and cold brew. According to a press release from the chain, the new process involves cold water and intense pressure, and the end result is a bold, concentrated espresso shot with a softer, sweeter finish. Starbucks has a even has a patent pending for this new process. Judging by how much of a cult-favorite coffee shop menu item cold brew has become in recent years, the company might just be headed toward inventing the next big cold coffee drink.
If you just jumped out of your chair, ready to head across the street to the nearest Starbucks the second you read the words cold and espresso in the same sentence, slow your roll. For now, it's only available at the Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Seattle — they always get to try the coolest coffee first. If you happen to be in the Seattle area, your excitement can continue because starting today, the Reserve Roastery is offering three sparkling drinks that use the new cold-pressed espresso as their key ingredient.
The first is called the Sparkling Cold-Pressed Americano, which takes a shot of the special new cold-pressed espresso and tops it with cold sparkling water. The second is the Cold-Pressed Ginger Fizz. This one's made by pouring the cold-pressed espresso over a mix of ginger ale, whiskey barrel-aged vanilla syrup, and grapefruit bitters. Last but not least, for a limited time, visitors to the Reserve Roastery in Seattle can order the Cold-Pressed Americano Exploration Flight, allowing them to sample the espresso three ways. It looks like Starbucks is working overtime for all of you who love cold coffee any time of year. We just hope the chain bring this new cold option nationwide in time for next summer.
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