Disney's New Streaming Service Comes With At Least 4 Never-Before-Seen Movies

Photo: Courtesy of Disney.
For those of you looking forward to a winter of hot chocolate and hunkering down in your duvet to watch Disney movies on Netflix, think again. The Hollywood Reporter tweeted that Disney will be pulling all of its movies from the streaming service in 2019 to make way for a brand new, ad-free streaming service of its own. According to Deadline, this includes the Marvel and Star Wars franchises, but it also has some perks — like never-before-seen original movies coming to the Disney-only streaming service.
Of course, diehard Disney fans will have no qualms joining a service dedicated solely to the movies (the pricing for which will be determined in 2018), but more casual viewers will have some decisions on their hands. Now that streaming has become the norm, options are being spread thinner as companies capitalize on the trend, and you have to decide where your loyalties lie or shell out for all the options.
When it comes to the Disney service, it might just be worth it. Deadline reports that "four or five" original Disney-branded films will made made exclusively for the service, and the same goes for TV. Add that to the promised library of almost 500 Disney films and 7,000 episodes, and you've suddenly got a lifetime of content on your hands. Plus, CEO Bob Iger promises more "original short-form content" which they "intend to get more specific about...in the months ahead."
However, there's still so much time before any of this goes into effect, and a whole lot of details we hope to learn before then. For now, select Disney movies are still safe and sound on Netflix.

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