A Very Convincing Theory That Ivy Is The Most Suspicious Person In AHS: Cult

Photo: Frank Ockenfels/FX.
American Horror Story is back with a bang, and even though the first episode of the election-inspired Cult premiered just two days ago, people already have a ton of theories. Mainly, that Ivy is pretty sus. Played by Alison Pill, Ivy is the wife of protagonist Ally (Sarah Paulson), and has, for the most part, been zero help, and it's making people think that she might just be a part of the evil cult that is terrorizing the city.
As Popsugar points out, there are some pretty convincing reasons that Ivy is already a part of Kai's cult, starting with the fact that she was barely sympathetic to Ally's fears right from the beginning. When Ally complains of seeing clowns or encounters something that triggers her trypophobia, Ivy tells her she's imagining things, and even threatens their marriage. In the grand scheme of things, Ally hadn't been experiencing these symptoms for that long before Ivy totally flipped out. Is that really what a supportive partner would do?
Then, there's the practical fact that during the moments the clowns appear in the episode, Ivy is nowhere to be found. She's either out of the room or even across town. Logistically, we've never seen Ivy and the clowns in the same room, which is enough reason for me to start wondering if something (even) more sinister is up.
Then, over on Reddit, a user spotted a tapestry hanging in the home of Ally and Ivy that's causing some alarm.
If your wife has a fear of clusters and small holes, why would you hang some art with exactly those things in the pattern? If you're #TeamIvy, this could just be a coincidence, since some people in the comments who also have trypophobia said this particular tapestry isn't necessarily something that's triggering.
We have so many more episodes left to find out the truth, and probably so many more theories to ponder along the way.

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