Taco Bell Is Testing A New Burrito That Comes With Spicy Pop Rocks

We just found out that Taco Bell is testing a new menu item in Orange County, CA, and as wild as the fast food chain's new creations almost always are, this one is unlike anything we ever could have imagined. FoodBeast recently brought our attention to a Reddit post that showed off the new test item called the Firecracker Burrito.
The Reddit post, which was added by a user known online as Elbore, included a photo of the Firecracker Burrito and a small white packet labeled "Cayenne Popping Crystals." In the photo, the crystals are sprinkled on the burrito's wrapper, and they are bright red. According to a comment Elbore left under the photo, the Cayenne Popping Crystals "taste sweet and crackle just like pop rocks." Honesty, a sweet, crackly element isn't exactly what we're looking to add to our burritos.
As for the burrito itself, the Redditor explained that it comes in two flavors, Spicy and Cheesy. Elbore ordered the Cheesy one, which came with nacho cheese, beef, rice, and crunchy red strips. The whole thing was also wrapped in a red tortilla, so there's a real monochromatic thing happening here. The spicy version seems to be almost the same, except that it's loaded with chipotle sauce for an extra kick.
According to another photo that Elbore added to the /r/TacoBell subreddit, the burrito, in either flavor, costs $1.29 on its own, but if, for some odd reason, you want to try the weird, red popping crystals, it will cost you an extra 20 cents.
FoodBeast reports that the Firecracker Burrito is currently being tested at four Taco Bell locations in Southern California, and Taco Bell confirmed that they will be testing at those locations through August 16. We'll totally respect anyone who tries this and actually likes it, but this might be the first we've ever hoped that a T-Bell concoction doesn't make it past its testing phase. Sweet, spicy, and crackly just seems like too much for our tastebuds to take.
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