Watch This Hilarious Video Of A Celeb Pointing Out Her "Imperfections"

If you follow the British version of The X Factor, you already know who Stacey Solomon is. For those who don't though, there's good reason to get to know this "loose woman."
Soloman won third place in The X Factor in 2010, and has since continued performing and appeared on the talk show Loose Women. She's also known for body positivity, after clapping back at tabloids that criticized her breasts for being too saggy in 2016.
She made waves again, after posting a video of herself in a bikini and celebrating her "imperfections" on Instagram Sunday, BuzzFeed reports.
"Three things I love about my bikini body," she says as the video opens. First, her "muffin tops."
"Not only are they insulating, but who else can lie this comfortably on a stone floor without the help of these babies," she said. Next up, her "saggy boobies," which were a topic of conversation for body-shamers before. She showed how handy having breasts with a little bit of sag can be, as she used them to hold a pair of sunglasses and a popsicle.
"They may not be what looks the best, but I tell you now, I don't need a bag for anything on holiday," she said. "Ice pop anyone? Glasses?"
She then pointed out her stretch marks, and showed how great they can be for entertaining her kids as they drew on her like a big connect-the-dots photo.
The video is silly, sure, but for Solomon, it was all a funny way to encourage women not to worry so much about what society deems imperfect and to celebrate their bodies for all of the cool things they can do.
"You're all perfectly imperfect and unique and beautiful," she wrote in the caption on her video. "I think if we can all show off our insecurities then we will all start realizing NOBODY escapes the world of perfection that we are all under pressure to keep up with and everyone can sleep a little easier at night knowing everyone comes in different shapes sizes etc etc and we all have the same extra ordinary bits that are seen as 'imperfections' but they're not they all tell a story of who we are and why we are and where we are going!"
It's your body. It's your summer. Enjoy them both. Check out more #TakeBackTheBeach here.
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