Watch Gordon Ramsay & James Corden Judge Toddlers' Cooking In MasterChef Jr. Jr.

Photo: Terence Patrick/CBS.
For the very first Late Late Show episode of August, Gordon Ramsay stopped by to hang out with host James Corden, and while there, Corden forced him to eat a whole fish eyeball. As horrifyingly disgusting as that was, it still wasn't quite as gross as some of the dishes the chef had to eat in another sketch that ran during that same episode called Master Chef Junior Junior.
Inspired by Ramsay's hit cooking competition shows MasterChef and MasterChef Junior, the fictional MasterChef Junior Junior show follows the same concept except that the contestants are toddlers. At the beginning of the clip, Ramsay is shown wearing his white chef's coat and addressing a group of six very small humans. He asks them seriously, "Are you guys ready to cook?" and the high-pitch voices squeal back, "Yeah!"
From there, the little kids pour whole jars of marinara sauce all over the place, shove their hands in jars of mayonnaise, and crack eggs wherever they please. Acting as their mentors and judges are "culinary giant" Gordon Ramsay and "celebrity food enthusiast" James Corden. While being a judge on MasterChef sounds like a dream job — you'd get to eat some amazing food cooked by very talent cooks — judging MasterChef Junior Junior appears not to be a job for the anyone with a weak stomach. In the hilarious clip, the judges have to endure eating Play-Doh, toy cars, raw meat, and dry chicken. To world-renowned chef Gordon Ramsay, being served dry chicken is probably much more offensive than being served a fish eyeball.
The last task the toddler chefs face is cooking live lobster, and though they are much younger than we are, they seem to react to the challenge the exact same way we would, by running away screaming. Watch the full MasterChef Junior Junior clip below.

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