This Elderly Man Feeding His Wife Ice Cream In 98-Degree Heat Is The Definition Of True Love

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
One of the best ways to stay cool during the dog days of summer is by eating plenty of ice cream. Anyone who brings us a scoop of this cold dessert during a heat wave automatically scores major points and sharing ice cream with someone on a hot day might be the ultimate way to show you care. That is why so many people are talking about a photo that was recently posted to Facebook.
Brent Kelley from Nashville, TN shared a photo earlier this week that showed an elderly man sitting on the edge of his car's passenger side door, facing the interior of his car. He was parked in a Sonic parking lot, and the man in the photo held a cup of ice cream in his hand. It's a bit hard to tell from the photo, but the man was feeding someone who was sitting in the passenger seat. Kelley explained the encounter in the photo's caption, writing, "So today, I took the kids to the pool and we stopped for ice cream on the way home. When I got my ice cream and pulled out, I realized that this elderly man beside me was sitting outside his car door, spoon feeding his wife ice cream who also looked [to be] in her late eighties. He draped a towel over her and slowly fed his bride in the 98-degree temperature. It was a beautiful display of love."
Since being posted on Monday, the photo, which was brought to our attention by Good Housekeeping, has received over 830,000 likes and has been shared 331,463 times. His small, loving act has garnered attention from people all over the country, and we get it. Isn's having someone to feed you ice cream when it's hot outside all anyone wants in this world? We've heard it before, all you need is love — and maybe a little ice cream.

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