Apparently, This Is The Way We Should Be Reheating Our Pizza

Photographed by Nicole Maroon.
The spongy texture of reheated pizza crust is always a bummer. Fresh pizza is so good, and yet, when you pop it into the microwave, eager to enjoy it the next day, it is inevitably a disappointing enough to bring a tear to the eye of any pizza lover.
To avoid that, people are constantly coming out with new techniques to restore leftover pizza to its fresh-cooked glory. Most sources advise avoiding the microwave at all cost and instead try heating it up in a pan on the stove. However, one YouTuber known as Internet Shaquille, who posts cooking videos every week, just showed us a new and slightly unorthodox way to resurrect our pizza. The method is called "French toasting," and we have to admit, it has potential.
We came across Internet Shaquille's video, "How to French Toast Leftover Pizza," with help from Delish. The video starts with our host and chef promising that "this French toasted pizza is about to change your life." Since every bite of pizza we've ever taken has improved our lives, we already want to believe the hype. The cook's recipe begins with a custard made from eggs, cream, salt, pepper, and paprika. Once those ingredients are thoroughly whisked together, the video's host drenches his slices of leftover pizza in the custard. Then, he throws them on a skillet.
As the pizza cooks, Internet Shaquille explains how the French toasting method works. He says, "When you French toast pizza, this thick liquid custard reconstitutes that stale, dry, old crust into a soft, savory cake." He continues, "And the egg actually insulates the cheese, protecting it from the direct heat and forming this crispy exterior all the way around, top and bottom." We have to say, the result does look incredible, and the method seems like it would save us a lot of pain and heartache over pathetic reheated pizza. Yeah, we're sold.
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