Watch These Trans Kids Prove That Donald Trump Is Not Their Friend

If you don't remember the time that Donald Trump claimed to be a better friend to the LGBTQ community than Hilary Clinton, let us remind you. It sounded like this:
"Who is really the friend of the LB and LGBT community? I will tell you who the better friend is, and someday I believe that will be proven out, bigly."
While it's true that he never outright said that he is a better friend to LGBTQ people, or a friend at all, the implication during his election campaign was that he would protect LGBTQ people better than Hilary Clinton would. The actions he and his administration have taken in the months since Trump was elected president, however, tell a different story.
Watching this group of transgender kids define what friendship is proves just how much a friend Donald Trump has NOT been to the LGBTQ community.
According to these kids, a friend is someone who stands up for you, likes you for who you are, wants you to be happy, loves you, accepts you, cares for you, and protects you from bullies.
Based on how the Trump administration has treated LGBTQ people since he took office — leaving us out of the on the upcoming 2020 census (again), taking away school bathroom rights for transgender students, keeping silent on the reported violence against gay and bisexual men in Chechnya — he certainly doesn't protect LGBTQ people from bullies, and might actually be one.
This isn't the first time we've been reminded of Trump's campaign promise to be a friend to LGBTQ people. Earlier this year, Joe Biden asked the LGBTQ community to hold him accountable to his words last month.
Videos like this, which was produced by the Human Rights Campaign, prove that we are holding Trump accountable. No matter how many times he says he's our friend, his actions have proven that he's not, and LGBTQ people will not let that slide.
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