This Brit Can't Believe That Americans Don't Use Egg Cups

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In many BBC period dramas like Downton Abbey or Call The Midwife, breakfast scenes almost always feature one very specific little dish, an egg cup with a soft boiled egg nestled perfectly inside. Whether it’s served to the aristocracy on a breakfast tray in bed or simply sitting out on a table in the breakfast nook, the egg cup seems to always be present in these historically-inspired television programs, however they're not just a thing of the past. Apparently egg cups are key feature of English breakfasts in modern times. And of course, in contrast, you'd be hard pressed to find one of in any cabinet in most American kitchens. That fact recently sent one Brit into a hilarious tailspin of disbelief.
A Scottish video game programmer known on Twitter as @Innesmck recently went on a tweet binge after finding out that Americans do not use egg cups. It all started yesterday when @Innesmck tweeted, "I'VE JUST BEEN INFORMED AMERICANS DO NOT HAVE EGG CUPS AND I AM SO ANGRY RN." Yes, this person really did use all caps because this is a serious topic, obviously. Just one minute later, the user followed the first tweet with one saying, "THIS IS ALMOST AS BAD AS WHEN I FOUND OUT YOU DON'T ALL HAVE KETTLES, WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK." Things continue this way for the next hour and a half, with @Innesmck tweeting a new angry tweet every few minutes. Follow the saga below:
About an hour into this rant, @Innesmck switched gears and tried a tactic other than simply yelling about how ridiculous Americans are for not using egg cups. The Twitter user started trying to educated us about all the things we're doing wrong.
Sweet, right? Though our goodwill was pretty much undone by @Innesmck's final tweet.
It may seem like this person went a little overboard, but we actually respond quite well to anyone who is this passionate about food, and the best ways to consume it. So, maybe it's time for us to order a few egg cups on Amazon.

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