The Pillsbury Doughboy Has A Real Name & It's Not Pillsbury Doughboy

When we were growing up, Pillsbury commercials were pretty damn memorial. Cookies baked unbelievably fast and flaky biscuits never looked, well, flakier. But there was one reason above all others that we didn't reach to immediately change the channel during a Pillsbury commercial. What made them so special was the adorable, giggling Pillsbury Doughboy, who seemed to magically appear when a Pillsbury product was being made. How could we possibly forget his infectious giggle every time he got poked? We still see the same Pillsbury Doughboy on TV as adults, but now that we're older we've learned a new factoid about Mr. Doughboy that has us reeling. What if we told you Pillsbury Doughboy isn't actually his name?
The Pillsbury Doughboy’s real name, believe it or not, is Poppin’ Fresh, Buzz60 reports. How is it possible we were calling the doughy character by the wrong name our entire childhoods?! As it turns out Poppin' Fresh was the original name created back in 1965 with the character's launch, but it seems that the world came to know the dough-inspired character by something of a nickname. And that might be for the best because we can't quite imagine that same giggle coming from the mouth of Poppin' Fresh.
As shocked as we are, this isn't the first time that we've seen our favorite childhood characters in a whole new light as adults. For example, there was the time we learned Cookie Monster wasn't always addicted to cookies. And we also witnessed Trix Cereal get a new rabbit. Despite the fact that we now know the Pillsbury Doughboy's proper name, we're still going to call him by his beloved nickname because it's just too late in life to switch our flaky biscuit associations. We can only imagine what we'll uncover about other iconic characters of yesteryear as we continue to grow into adulthood.

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