Orphan Black Episode 5 Recap: "Ease For Idle Millionaires"

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Aside from a quick attack from the genetic beast we were introduced to last episode, this episode begins with a flashback. Specifically, we're back with Cosima and Delphine, back when they took a closer look at Cosima's biology. She's intellectual property — nothing about her is, well, hers.
"I can promise you one thing," Delphine says, grabbing Cosima's hand. "I will always work to protect you."
She encourages Cosima to defy Neo, to live with passion so they can never own her.
Suddenly, we're snapped back to present day Revival, where the community is rattled after yet another "bear" attack. Cosima, of course, knows the truth, and everyone else is eager for answers.
Cosima leaves the gaggle and goes to examine Aisha, whose tumor is much smaller thanks to a "magic water" that Westmoreland has been injecting into her hand. She shows Cosima her progress log, which Cosima takes to examine further.
A group at Revival who knows what the beast really is has come together to hunt it down. Mud, however, protests, saying it doesn't want to hurt anyone. As far as everyone else is concerned, the creature is a mistake that needs to be eliminated. As the team disperses, Cosima confronts Mud, asking about the cage and what happened to make the creature so violent.
"It didn't always used to be like this," she explains. "He used to have his own room upstairs. And then...they started doing these new experiments." So, she let him out. She's taken away before she can explain more, and Cosima spots Delphine heading up to Westmoreland's house.
In the house, Ira gets Susan ready for the big dinner that night, and Westmoreland injects the "magic water" into Rachel.
"If anyone deserves Cosima's inoculation, it's you," Westmoreland says, holding up the injection. "More than any of them."
He calls in Delphine, who's brought some samples from Sardinia. What they're interested in, however, is not the samples, but Cosima.
Rachel comes to talk with her mother to assure loyalty, which basically just meant threatening her mother to do exactly what she wanted.
Delphine comes to Cosima, who tells her that she saw her entering the house. Delphine explains that she had to deliver samples and that they want her at a meeting that night. Cosima updates Delphine on Aisha, and how they're manipulating tumors not with chemotherapy, but with gene therapy, something Leaky had been studying in spiny mice — which just so happens to be the type of mouse given to Kira.
Speaking of Kira, over with Sarah and Mrs. S they're trying to dissect what they discovered at the hospital. Kira, who is coloring in the same room, gets irritated by their constant whispering — a part of her larger frustration of being kept out of the loop. Sarah explains that they're just trying to put together pieces of the Neolution puzzle (aren't we all?). She also opens up a bit more about why they're doing what they're doing, that they're trying to understand the connection that Kira seems to have with all of the clones.
"If you can teach me everything you know about that feeling, then I'll tell you everything you want to know about all the grown-up stuff we do," Sarah promises. Kira agrees, and they're finally on the same page.
As Cosima and Delphine look at Aisha's DNA, Cosima spots the DNA that Cosima is running on the creature in the woods thanks to the tooth they found last episode. She tells Delphine that they've been experimenting on someone up at the house, but Delphine stops her.
"You're pushing too hard," she warns. "They know you're digging." She says Cosima is risking everything Delphine is doing on the outside, but she hasn't told Cosima what exactly that is — until now. She reveals that Rachel has been running tests on Kira at Dyad, but they're interrupted. Delphine is being summoned to the house for dinner, and Cosima passes along the message that she's discovered the "fountain," or the gene that Westmoreland has found that preserves youth.
They bring her up to the house, where she and Delphine have to change for the fancy dinner that night. Delphine warns Cosima that pushing too hard could put Kira in danger, so they have to play along. Emphasis on "play," since Cosima decides to wear a suit to go with Delphine's dress.
Dinner guests include Westmoreland, Ira, Susan, Delphine, Cosima, and Rachel, and Westmoreland tells the table that Cosima is onto them. He offers her a seat at the table, but Cosima says she's not so sure if she wants to be a part of all of this. So she takes advantage of the free wine and uses her new drunken confidence to banter. When he asks her about her parents, however, she loses her footing. She admits they haven't spoken in a while, and that they don't even know she's sick because if they did they'd have to know everything.
However, she does tell the table everything she knows, which is that she's found the gene they isolate to maintain youth, and that they're studying the same thing in Kira, and that they're not curing Aisha's cancer, just manipulating it. Westmoreland reveals that Delphine told them she was sneaking around his basement, just as it's time for Delphine to head to Geneva. In another room, she tells Cosima that she gave Westmoreland this info in exchange for being allowed to leave and that she must go to Geneva because that's where Felix and Adele are working on information that Delphine can't reveal.
"This is what he does," Cosima says. "He divides women." Mid-embrace, Delphine says they must pretend they've been divided to keep up the ruse.
With their new agreement, Sarah and Kira's relationship is back to the way it should be. Sarah tells Mrs. S that she's told Kira everything and that they're going to win Rachel's trust so they can figure out what's going on.
Meanwhile, the hunt for the creature continues. The team sends Mud to check out a shed where it's been spotted. As one of the members watches, the creature sneaks up on him and kills him. The creature recognizes Mud and lets her live, but makes his way into the village — and into the house.
Susan, Ira, and Cosima shut themselves in a room to stay safe from the creature, giving Cosima a chance to question Susan.
"How are you going to exploit Kira's mutation?" she asks.
"We have to know if the trait is heritable," Susan replies. Meaning, they're going to harvest her eggs. While she can't stop Westmoreland, she can steer him — so Cosima says she'll stop him herself. As she leaves, Ira tells her "roof red. It was red." She asks if he's glitching, but he shuts the door.
Cosima goes to find Westmoreland and runs into Mud. She says he knows she let Yannis out — that's the creature's name. She tells Cosima that Westmoreland is not well and that's why all this is happening.
Cosima heads down the basement where Westmoreland is listening to music.
"You're dying, P.T.," she says. "Yannis. He was a healthy kid — like Kira. And you dismantled him. All this suffering just so you can extend your life."
Cosima says she knows the truth, that he's not even 170. Upon hearing this, Westmoreland stands up and holds a gun to her chest, before putting it in her hand and telling her to shoot Yannis and end his suffering. She can't do it. She tells Westmoreland that he can't take away her humanity. Instead, Westmoreland shoots Yannis and leaves Cosima trapped in the basement.
The episode ends with Sarah, Kira, and Mrs. S snuggled in bed. Mrs. S hears a noise and heads downstairs to find Delphine.
Delphine hands Mrs. S a flash drive of everything she knows, including that however they're planning to exploit Kira, it's happening soon. They have to act — fast.

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