Bobby Flay Challenged Gordon Ramsay To A Live Cook-Off

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Gordon Ramsay and Bobby Flay are both culinary legends. But, that’s not all they have in common. In addition to their celebrity chef-dom, they also each have successful restaurants and are known for mentoring cooks throughout competition shows. Plus, they’ve written over 20 cookbooks between them.
So, naturally, after years of culinary success and TV opps, fans want to know one thing. Who would win in the ultimate food throw down: Gordon Ramsay or Bobby Flay? It’s a tough call because Bobby Flay has years of culinary competition under his belt thanks to Iron Chef America and Throwdown With Bobby Flay. Conversely, Ramsay definitely wins in the Michelin Star arena. One thing’s for certain, it would make for some seriously good television. And, as it turns out, at least one of the chefs isn’t totally opposed to the idea.
In an interview with Foodbeast, Bobby Flay explained his stipulations for said all-out food brawl with Ramsay. "Only if it's a Pay-Per-View event. I've been hoping it would happen outside of Caesar's Palace, like the old school heavyweight fights, but that's yet to have happened," Flay told Foodbeast. That is one fight we'd definitely pay to watch over your run-of-the-mill boxing match any day of the week.
Of course, Flay's answer opens up a whole new slew of questions. First off, who would judge the duo? (This writer votes for Tom Colicchio a la Top Chef!) Then there's the question of what the actual challenge would be. Would it have multiple components? Would it be a full on meal or specific dishes? Who would decide what the ingredients are?
Maybe it would all go down via lengthy negotiations, like a real Pay-Per-View fight. For now, it's all speculation since Bobby Flay was only answering a question. But, in our minds his answer was a challenge. For now we'll just have to wait and see if Gordon Ramsay responds. Fingers crossed we end up with the culinary showdown of a lifetime. Or maybe even a new boxing-inspired cooking competition show.

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