Ben & Jerry's Just Revealed Its Top 10 Most Popular Flavors — & They Might Surprise You

We are so excited for July. Not because we love fireworks, or because the weather is really going to heat up, or even because we have some a summer vacation planned. No, our excitement stems from the fact that July is National Ice Cream month, and ice cream just makes us so happy. Ben & Jerry's, unsurprisingly, also looks forward to July for the same reason. In honor of the sweetest month of the year, the ice cream company released a list of its most popular ice cream flavors to help guide us as we plan for the month ahead of gorging on the best frozen sweet treat there is.
Ben & Jerry's compiled the list of their most beloved flavors by looking at U.S. sales data. While most of the favorites are no surprise, some are a little more unexpected. To start, number ten on the list is Salted Caramel Core. That's followed by Strawberry Cheesecake, at number nine. That one seems more surprising because in our grocery stores, it's a hard find. At number eight is Chunky Monkey, a signature Ben & Jerry's flavor. Number seven is Phish Food, which is followed by six, Stephen Colbert-inspired Americone Dream. Smack dab in the middle at number five is Jimmy Fallon's flavor, The Tonight Dough. Four and three are both classics, Chocolate Fudge Brownie and Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough. In at number two is good-ole Cherry Garcia. Can you guess what made it to the top?
Ben & Jerry's number one most popular flavor is Half Baked. Now, that makes total sense. With chocolate and vanilla ice creams and gobs of chocolate chip cookie dough and fudge brownies, it's basically a combination of several other favorite flavors. This July, you can find us observing National Ice Cream Month by enjoying all our favorite flavors.

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