Watch Gordon Ramsay Solve This Annoying Kitchen Problem

When it comes to cooking, mess is a word we all know and dread. Between mountains of dirty dishes and scraps of scattered food, the results are often a post-apocalyptic kitchen when you’ve finally got a completely meal. One cleaning problem that we’d never thought would get fixed is that pretty much permanent green stain on our cutting boards. We aren’t the only ones who are irked by this common kitchen problem, and luckily Gordon Ramsay is here to help, plus show-off his go-to method for chopping herbs.
In a video posted to his Youtube channel last week, Ramsay demonstrates some cutting board hacks on his show, Culinary Genius, in which amateur chefs go head-to-head to replicate one of Ramsay’s star dishes. (According to Thrillist, the show debuted in the United Kingdom in April, and will undergo a test-run in the United States starting August 7th.)
The video begins with Ramsay describing the “three finger rule" with one finger in front and two behind, with the knuckle protecting from injury. Then, while pinching the base of the knife, he wants the “knife to do the work” while he chops the herbs in a downward, circular motion with little pressure. He explains that a common mistake amateur cooks make is having a messy cutting board, which can cause bruising which leading to those green stains and less flavorful herbs. Ramsay showcases different herbs to demonstrate how to avoid bruising them throughout the video.
We're officially ready to make an extremely herbaceous meal sometime in the near future to test out our new knife skills and see if we can keep our cutting boards from changing colors. Here’s to spending less time on dishes and more time cooking. Now we just need a hack for making the rest of the dishes disappear. Any thoughts, chef Ramsay?!)

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